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Artistic Briefs From Artexpo New York 2021 – Part One

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“The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” lifestyle blog attended the 2021 Artexpo New York which was held at the spacious Pier 36 on the Lower East Side. This was our first time attending the amazing art show and doing so as a member of the press.

Jackie Fuchs and “Studio Jackie”: This video clip showcases the amazing Jackie Fuchs of “Studio Jackie” who takes us on a tour of her presentation which is a combination of her own art and some of the artists she represents in her gallery.

Mika Takeuchi and “Sentimental Park”: This video clip showcases the interesting work of artist Mika Takeuchi from Japan. Speaking to us through her translator Nami, we learn all about “Sentimental Park”.

Jonsie Isasmendi: This video clip showcases the artwork of Jonsie Isasmendi from Argentina who discusses the pieces on display.

Kez Leigh Robinson: This video clip showcases the cool works by Kez Leigh Robinson who gives us a quick brief about the pieces on display.

Taia Jokhadze at Gocha Jokhadze Art: This video clip showcases the stunning art by Gocha Jokhadze with help from Taia Jokhadze who was curating the booth. Day, we hope our viewers enjoy learning about the artist and follow them and the show via the provided links below.

All clips were shot on location by content creator Ken Pierce with the Canon Powershot during the Industry Day. We hope that our viewers enjoyed learning about the artists and follow them via the provided links below. We also ask that you kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click the Notification Bell.


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