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Top Scientists Reveal The Arrival of “Wooshies” On Planet Earth

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The Press Release:
Scientists are baffled by the sudden arrival of a new species of creature at a number of landmark locations all around the world! Apparently called the Wooshi (Woooooooo-sheeeeee), scientists theorize that the Wooshi may well have originated in the heretofore only theoretical dimension of Gor. Since their discovery, researchers have determined that while the Wooshi are generally well-intentioned, their enthusiasm, energy, and general ham-handedness can make for chaotic and frenetic outcomes for the people they come into
contact with – BEWARE THE WOOSHI!!!

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An unprecedented discovery, the Wooshi are neither animal or mineral (but slightly bigger than a breadbox), and while still undefined zoologically, they can be described to be short in stature (stocky comes to mind), concerningly if not annoyingly intelligent (bordering on cocky), and apparently fluent in English! Having mysteriously popped up at multiple locations globally, scientists are still struggling to confirm the exact number of Wooshi amongst us, but they guesstimate an oddly exact headcount of 11,111 Wooshi currently on Earth – HOW MANY MORE MIGHT COME?!?
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TTPM Announces Spring 2023 Most Wanted List

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The Press Release:
TTPM, the leader in video product reviews for toys, baby, and pet gear, is excited to announce their Spring 2023 Most Wanted List. The Spring list highlights toys they believe will be fan-favorites across three categories: Imaginative Play, Collectibles, and Creative Play.

“Innovation in creative and imaginative toys are at an all-time high. We’re seeing an increase in on-screen characters coming off-screen and encouraging play in new ways,” said Jim Silver, CEO of TTPM. “Spring is the perfect time to put down the screens and play. This list will help guide parents and gift givers to find the toys that are right for their kids. It’s the ultimate spring shopping list for kids of all ages.”


Checking in from the TTPM Spring Showcase – Toys Tots Pets and More at the Altman Building – #ttpm #toystotspetsandmore #altmanbuilding

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Super Impulse Pushes A Pet Rock Adoption Initiative

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The Press Release:
Super Impulse, the toy giant behind the Original Classic Pet Rock has been a leader in the collectibles and licensing market for over 25 years! The Pet Rock, amongst many of their other products has quickly become a must-have! From pop-culture appearances (Gru from Despicable Me, Bake Squad Season 2 and now Everything Everywhere All At Once) the Pet Rock is quickly making a resurgence.

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Hasbro Teams Up With The NBA and NBPA For New “Starting Lineup” Collectibles

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The Press Release:
Today, Hasbro, Inc., has announced a partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) for the highly anticipated re-launch of Starting Lineup, an iconic sports collectibles brand. The Starting Lineup collectible will also include an exclusive, officially licensed Panini NBA trading card. Launching this fall in partnership with Fanatics, a global digital sports platform, the Starting Lineup brand will feature legendary NBA superstars as part of its first wave of figures and will be available for pre-order starting September 22 exclusively on Hasbro Pulse and across the Fanatics network of online sites, including and official league stores.

“The NBA and NBPA are tremendous partners for the return of the Starting Lineup brand, and we cannot wait for fans to experience some of the biggest names in the league as action figures,” said Eric Nyman, President and COO of Hasbro. “The return of one of the most beloved sports collectibles brands of all time would not be complete without the inclusion of fan-favorite NBA superstars.”
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The Toy Association Reveals The 2022 “Toy Of The Year” Finalists

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Hello my friends and lovers of all things toy-related, I am here to once again showcase the rundown of the “Toy Of The Year” finalists as selected by the fine folks over at the Toy Association. Since a lot has changed in our creative presentations since I last discussed this particular topic, I am here to also tell you that you must continue on over to the Ken Pierce Media website for the full rundown and press release. As a content creator who has been attending the Toy Fair since 2011, I’ve come to use both “The Chronicles” and PiercingMetal for event features as time marched on. With the launch of Ken Pierce Media in 2020, I felt that some larger broadcasts worked better via that channel. So please click HERE for the full list and leave any comments you might have about the matter on that site as well.

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At the time of this writing its far too early to know if we shall be attending the 2022 Toy Fair but I’d love to continue along with it. At present the Javits Center is open for business once again and we recently attended the New York Comic Con and will be heading to the Anime NYC convention as well in the coming weeks. The world around us is changing on an almost weekly basis so who knows what December or even January will bring. That’s all I have to say about this matter but do head over to Ken Pierce Media to see the rundown and make sure to follow that outlet on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. We’d love to have you along with us there.