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The Toy Association Reveals The 2022 “Toy Of The Year” Finalists

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Hello my friends and lovers of all things toy-related, I am here to once again showcase the rundown of the “Toy Of The Year” finalists as selected by the fine folks over at the Toy Association. Since a lot has changed in our creative presentations since I last discussed this particular topic, I am here to also tell you that you must continue on over to the Ken Pierce Media website for the full rundown and press release. As a content creator who has been attending the Toy Fair since 2011, I’ve come to use both “The Chronicles” and PiercingMetal for event features as time marched on. With the launch of Ken Pierce Media in 2020, I felt that some larger broadcasts worked better via that channel. So please click HERE for the full list and leave any comments you might have about the matter on that site as well.

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At the time of this writing its far too early to know if we shall be attending the 2022 Toy Fair but I’d love to continue along with it. At present the Javits Center is open for business once again and we recently attended the New York Comic Con and will be heading to the Anime NYC convention as well in the coming weeks. The world around us is changing on an almost weekly basis so who knows what December or even January will bring. That’s all I have to say about this matter but do head over to Ken Pierce Media to see the rundown and make sure to follow that outlet on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. We’d love to have you along with us there.

Unboxing The Toy Insider “Holiday Of Play” 2021 Swag Box

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Hello again my toy loving members in the readership. I am back to share another unboxing clip with you all and this one comes from the Toy Insiders “Holiday Of Play” which returned to being an in-person event this year. My event coverage can be found by clicking HERE and then you can watch the video that we did for the cool stuff that we came home with.

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Scenes From The Toy Insider’s 2021 “Holiday of Play” @ Current (Part Two)

toy insider, holiday of play, holiday of play 2021

Hello again my friends and welcome back to the continued overview of the Toy Insider’s 2021 “Holiday Of Play”. It was great to see so many of the faces that we’ve missed over the past few events based on the pandemic because while Zoom and WhatsApp video chat is nice, it doesn’t replace that one on one connection. I’m going to get right back into it from where I left off HERE and if you wanted to spend a little extra time on the website and see that the virtual happening was like just click HERE. Here are some more of the Aphmau “MeeMeows” plushies. As someone who loves cats this were of great appeal to me.

toy insider, holiday of play, holiday of play 2021, photos from holiday of play 2021

toy insider, holiday of play, holiday of play 2021, photos from holiday of play 2021
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Unboxing The “Sweet Suite at Home” 2021 Swag Box

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It was only a few weeks ago that I attended the second-ever “Sweet Suite @ Home” which is the virtual offshoot of the Toy Insider’s popular toy industry event the “Sweet Suite”. Click the hyperlinked text for the coverage piece. With the pandemic still causing issues with larger public gatherings, the folks at the Insider determined that it was best to do this virtually one more time. This event was preceded by the first “Holiday of Play @ Home”. When the event has passed, the participants are sent a gift box and with unboxing clips a hot practice these days I have offered up thoughts and a bit more as I unbox the goodies for our Official YouTube Channel. Take a look.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: So there you have it, a whole lot of cool stuff and items that I hope you were making some notes about for your own shopping lists. I have to say that I enjoy doing these kinds of clips and if I end up at their “Holiday of Play” event in the coming months that I will do another one. I hope I can work it out because it will not be virtual and is instead back to being an in-person affair. There are so many people that I miss from this group and the vendors that it will be some proper medicine for sure. That’s all I have to say about this so I will see you next time around. Keep safe out there since this isn’t over by a long shot.


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Hasbro & J Balvin Reveal “J Balvintron” Decepticon Collaboration

The Press Release:
Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), and NTWRK, North America’s premiere livestream shopping platform, today announced the first TRANSFORMERS Collaborative music-inspired item – the J Balvin Mash-Up, J Balvintron 3-Pack. Hasbro and NTWRK have partnered with J Balvin, one of the most influential and successful Latin artists, to bring this truly special blend of music-inspired toy and “More Than Meets the Eye” worlds together for fans.

Sound waves combine in this TRANSFORMERS-J Balvin mash-up pack! “Reggaeton’s global ambassador” joins the DECEPTICONS as the TRANSFORMERS robot, J BALVINTRON. This DECEPTICON wields the power of rhythm to crush his enemies! The 7-inch tall Soundwave-inspired figure converts into cassette player mode in 6 steps and features deco and details inspired by J Balvin – including packaging inspired by J Balvin’s rainbow color scheme and his iconic smiley face icon with lightning bolt eyes. He comes with two mini cassette figures, with deco inspired by albums “Energia” and “Vibras”. The Energia Buzzsaw converts to condor mode in 4 steps, and Vibras Stripes converts to tiger mode in 3 steps. The figure also includes a blaster accessory and two rainbow blast effects.

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