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Clannad @ The Concert Hall at NY Society for Ethical Culture (10/2/2012)

I’ve mentioned my wanting to share the occasional “other” music review with the readers of my side blog because I do periodically get to see things that fall outside of my normal criteria as the PiercingMetal Master and Commander. You see, while I do tend to make room for Progressive Rock over on that site, there are sometimes cases where you see a performance that does not fit in at all with your standard theme. Despite this, the group still merits some thoughts and the sharing of any of the images that you snared.

Such would be the case with the Irish group Clannad whose music while never completely followed over the course of my life, has always managed to bring a smile whenever it was heard on the radio or when surfing around the Internet. The group actually is rather famous and when Skeleton Pete said he was going to the show, I decided to see about attending myself.

clannad, clannad concert photos

The show would be held at The Concert Hall, located inside the NY Society for Ethical Culture and readers of my PiercingMetal.com site might recall how I have been to this space for the group Renaissance a few times already. I would actually be planning to see them here in a couple of weeks, but that is a story for another posting.

clannad, clannad concert photos
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