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Testing Eargasm’ High Fidelity Earplugs

Hello again my friends, I’m back with another product review piece and one that follows the trend of sharing my views on the assorted brands of earplugs that I’ve been using in the field. In my quest to help prevent your suffering any substantial hearing loss I’ve discussed the products from Flents and Etymotic and have found that each particular company serves a need. Recently, I got my hands on a pair of earplugs by the folks over at Eargasm so let’s get onto some quick opinion about them.  Here’s a quick photo of the pair of plugs and their sturdy carrying case.  As you can see its also a keychain if you should choose to use it that way.

earplugs, eargasm

This close of up the earplugs showcase their sleek design and as you can see they are a little larger towards the rear which prevents any extra sonic waves getting through to your ear canal.  When I first tried to get these in place I did have a little difficulty based on the larger base and think that my ear canals might be a tad smaller than this implement can work with.  It took a little doing but I did manage to get them on and they worked very well with the super loud Heavy Metal band that I was covering the show of.   According to what I read about this model, they reduce the level of sound by 21db.

earplugs, eargasm

Closing Thoughts: While these worked fine upon getting them in, I think that a slightly slimmer model will work better for me. They are easy to remove and can be placed back into their container which is aluminum and has a screw on top. The case did set a couple of security guys at the gate some concern as they wanted to see the contents to prove it wasn’t drugs. True story as you can never be too sure nowadays. Personally speaking, once I am done for the night I tend to keep the earplugs in the small plastic zip bag that they came in. Also, I wipe them off first to make sure they go away clean. Once I’m home I use lightly soaped warm water and let them air dry. Good maintenance of stuff like this lets it work for numerous uses and keep you healthy as well. Overall this is another solid choice to use but you should be aware that such protection will run you a few bucks. Once you purchase these you will want to keep them safe or risk spending far too much money replacing them out of careless behavior. The link below on Amazon.com will bring you to these type of plugs but with two pairs and a different casing. Don’t play games with your hearing especially if you go to a lot of loud events.

Official Website: https://eargasmearplugs.com/