The Broadway League Extends Broadway’s Mask Policy To June 30th

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The Press Release:
The Broadway League announced today that the owners and operators of all 41 Broadway theatres in New York City will extend the current mask requirement for audiences through at least June 30, 2022.

Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League said, “We’re thrilled that nearly a quarter of a million people are attending Broadway shows weekly in this exciting spring season. As always, the safety and security of our cast, crew, and audience has been our top priority. By maintaining our audience masking requirement through at least the month of June, we intend to continue that track record of safety for all, despite the Omicron subvariants.”

Audience masking protocols for July and beyond will be announced in June.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Considering my background working in COVID Safety over these last few months I can’t say that this news surprises me all that much. What surprises me are the amounts of people lauding that “COVID IS OVER” (yeah I heard that a few times). So while hospitalizations might be less along with the more dire circumstances, the virus is still among us and compromising the normal way of doing life, business and fun. I implore any readers who aren’t vaccinated yet to consider doing so and remind you to wear a mask in any super crowded situation you might find yourself in since you don’t know who’s next to you and you don’t always know how being infected will affect you. That’s all I have on this, please stay safe out there.


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