“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Celebrates 11th Anniversary (2010-2021)

Hello my friends and a “Happy Saturday” to you all if you are reading this on the day of its being published. So far as I can tell, it’s going to be a warm day today but I am not here to discuss the weather and instead want to share with the readership what I feel is some very cool news. Today is the 11th Anniversary of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog. A lot of you know of it only as “Piercing Ken” since that is the title I grabbed on a number of the social networks and the domain but the full formal title is “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” and I will not lie when I say that it’s been an interesting few years since the launch of this particular blog. Let’s recap.

Initially this was never intended to become a professional voice but after a few short years of posting things like the Auto Show and assorted museum visits the decision was made to utilize this side of the creative coin for the greater good and the talented people that we were meeting on adventure after adventure. As we had already been online for five or so years at the time it was a very easy transition since dealings with event representatives saw a healthy body of work. From that moment on we began publishing a lot more than ever anticipated and broadening the range of topics. We now do a lot of news alerts and awards show rundowns and have a more family friendly Pop Culture section here that doesn’t need to be as focused as the one over on PiercingMetal. Creatively speaking we are just passing the 1300th post mark and have achieved 350K Pages Viewed for 2021. We posted a few times a week during the heat of the pandemic despite every single event that we would normally attend being cancelled.

“The Chronicles” maintains a presence on all of the major social media services of the day and we are finally using a branded YouTube Channel. That angle was overlooked for too long and since its debut its been stockpiled with fashion clips, convention flashbacks and some editorial insight. As a matter of fact, a video “thank you” will premiere at 12:30PM and readers of the blog can see it first by heading over there via the embedded screen down below. Like all the socials, following and engaging is paramount. As I point out in the clip, if you don’t follow, like and comment on the postings the networks will not show you more and you’ll miss out. Doing this shows the creative command that you are out there and want more so in the words of Jean Luc Picard “Make It So”.

Thank you so very much for the continued support and attention over these last eleven years. I promise there is more to come as the world returns to some sense of normal. Stay tuned.

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