The Chronicles Of PiercingKen Hits 7th Anniversary

Good afternoon readers, I just wanted to take a moment out of this rainy Monday to share the news about today being the seventh anniversary of my Lifestyle Blog “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen”. As longer tenured visitors already know, this website was launched as a space for me to share all the different stuff that didn’t fall in lines with my Music and Pop Culture themed website. During the course of the last year, I’ve made sure to keep the content flowing and while its not as often as it might be with, there are a considerable amount of narratives becoming a part of this presentation based on conventions and other events that fit best right here. Now its time to talk about the stuff that’s been changed a little bit and to showcase some fun photos that helped me celebrate The Chronicles “Lucky 7th” Anniversary and since we are discussing “luck” what is better than this visual of a slot machine from Atlantic City.

The Late Great David Bowie sang about “Changes”, and there have been some important ones here on The Chronicles. The first comes with some maintenance on the Categories and the multiple “food related” topics were morphed into a single new category in “FOOD AND DRINK” while a couple of similar notions like “Parks and Recreation” were refiled under “NEW YORK SIGHTS AND SCENES”. I also dropped the “Concert Reviews” and filed anything like that under the “Event Reviews” category much like I had done on a few months ago. This broadens the interest in a wider number of events that I attend and document on this Lifestyle Blog and this past year there were three conventions that I went to that worked out best as stories for our readers. All of this talk is making me hungry for some authentic NYC pizza which leads me to our next visual. Yummy right? You know you said yes when I asked.

With The Chronicles discussing more Events and loving the glories of food a little louder, the need for a calendar on this domain was pretty mission critical so I installed The Events Calendar plugin to be able to list a wide variety of awesome things to do. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people from the other side of the Atlantic and let’s face it, not all of them are Metalheads looking to rage at a show but instead are looking for interesting things to do in NYC. My goal is to help their adventures as much as I help the regular regional readers. The calendar has been met with approval right out of the gate so I guess my roll of the dice was a lucky one. Speaking of dice, I copied my other websites anniversary photo with one to focus on our seventh. I love that in this image that the top of the die and the sides facing your visual all add up to “7”.

A lot of the creative additions that were done here over the past year are just expansions of the ideas that I brought up on our last anniversary and those are more conventions, more museum stuff and more food related topics and the tourism that I find myself getting to participate in. Creatively speaking there are now over “500” posts on The Chronicles Blog and over “1100” photos loaded onto our Official Instagram. Don’t worry I’ve linked our Social Networks below in one swoop for you to examine and easily keep up with us. I’d like to surpass “600” posts on this blog by the end of the year but let’s see what inspires me to get written about. As I move past our next image, I had a little fun with the slice that was taken from the very pie up above. That’s Sriracha sauce on it. I LOOOOOOVE Sriracha sauce but I digress.

Nowadays, the Social Networks are paramount and bloggers all need a presence on the biggest ones out there with accounts that are specifically geared to their creative process. This is in addition to their actual blogs of course and in order to keep up with the rest of the world we have an Official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for our readers to play around with. When I am out in the field for this blog, you will often find me tweeting and adding to Instagram and checking in on Swarm or Yelp to keep those accounts vital. All of the links to this stuff are down below so please consider following them if you aren’t already and do please tell some friends and leave topical comments right here on the posts when they go live since that helps the blog itself. WordPress has even added a “like” button on the bottom of posts which works a lot like the one in Facebook does.

Going forward into the new year of our blogging on The Chronicles I can safely say that I have lined up a lot of awesome things for you already and I cannot wait until they happen for me to share them with you. Thanks for the time you choose to spend here. I can say that traffic continues to climb as more and more posts get placed in this Lifestyle Archive and that’s a very good thing. Since launching back in 2010 we’ve been visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors from more countries than I can easily count and have surpassed a few million pages viewed. Its pretty awesome to see this site growing in terms of reach and as always your interest in these musings about life as I see it humbles me. Thanks for reading and don’t forget these social networks below so we can keep in better connection. Now back to work I go.

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