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Affordable Art Fair New York: Spring 2023 Artist Interviews (Chapter One)

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“The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website had the honor of participating at another awesome Affordable Art Fair show. During the event I spoke to a number of creative people and posted these interviews on the Official Piercing Ken Channel – This post collects several of them for the purposes of website content.

Talking To Amanda Coelho

Talking To Su Hyun Kim from Arte Original Gallery

Talking To See | Me Gallery Artists Premieres on 4/21

Talking About The High Priestess Project Premieres on 4/23

Thanks for watching and thanks again to these amazing artists for taking a few minutes out of their show day to speak with us. Chapter Two will be posting soon and will finish out this shows video interviews. Click on the links below to learn more about the show and these artists. We’d also love for you to subscribe to the YouTube Channel by clicking the hyperlinked text. This will keep you informed of new videos as they premiere.


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