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Rundown Of “The Honeymooners” Marathon On PIX11 12/31/2023-1/1/2024

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Hello friends and welcome to one of our last posts for the 2023 with a favorite thing to share around this time of the year. Now if you’ve visited us in the past when the year is wrapping up you’ll realize that it’s once again time to share one of our favorite marathons with the readership audience. For the last couple of years I’ve sat down and cobbled together a complete rundown of the annual marathon of the classic comedy series “The Honeymooners” that is broadcast over on Channel 11. Since this particular post is always a popular one I’ve made it a sort of year-ending tradition. Historically speaking, the network has been airing this marathon of the series for as long as I can remember and I myself began running it for the first time when 2019 was ready to become 2020. When 2020 became the year that it did I felt that it might be a good idea to run this one again to try to keep people inside the safety of their homes. I’ve decided to keep on doing it since I’m a big fan of the show and find myself watching it whenever it happens to come on. If you’ve never managed to see this series and believe me I know some of you are out there, there is no better way to educate yourself in it than with this marathon. If you think that you have sufficient space on your DVR or cloud-based system then you should start progrmming the episodes now. This year, the marathon is showing “28” of the original “Classic 39” episodes and I think that I will program it this year myself since I will most likely be sleeping when a block of it is airing and then running around during part of the first day of the year. Start the 2024 year off right by spending it in Brooklyn with Ralph Kramden, Ed Norton, Alice Kramden and Trixie Norton and just relax for awhile while appreciating one of the timeless and still very, very funny comedies of our time. The marathon begins at 11PM and will run continuously into New Year’s Day with a pause for other programming from 4AM until 8AM. It will then pick up and run until 5PM on New Year’s Day. The rundown is presented down below in full and please know that I sourced the information from the PIX 11 website directly. If anything is different when the broadcast happens do NOT yell at me in the comments and please instead send any gripes to the network directly via their social media profiles.

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Sunday, December 31st
11:00PM – Funny Money
11:30PM – A Woman’s Work Is Never Done
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Paramount+ Presents: “Frasier” Official Trailer

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As we’ve said on a couple of other television posts over the last year or so, redo’s or continuations of shows that were once a blockbuster success is nothing new anymore. It was about a year ago that “Night Court” returned with a new cast that continued the antics of the original show while “Quantum Leap” continued the time-travelling missions that Sam Beckett did. Now it’s time to do a continuation of the world of “Frasier”, the show that starred Kelsey Grammar and was a must watch program week after week. The Official Trailer has dropped and I’m sharing this down below for your consumption. Take a look, as there is also a light premise and casting as well.

The Premise: Frasier is off to a different city with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and an old dream or two to finally fulfill. Frasier has re-entered the building.
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TTPM Reveals “Best Of Baby” Products For 2023

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The Press Release:
TTPM, the leader in video product reviews for toys, baby, and pet gear announced their Best of Baby 2023 List. The list features the best Baby Gear across 21 categories, designed to educate parents.

“Parents look to us for recommendations on top products to help them make better shopping decisions. Our team takes this very seriously, putting countless hours of testing into all of the products across multiple categories,” said Jim Silver, CEO, TTPM. “With the amount of products coming to market every single year, we are happy to save parents the time in testing products themselves. That’s what the Best of Baby List is designed to do -these items are all TTPM approved, giving parents peace of mind and easy shopping.

For more information and to view details on the Best of Baby 2023 List, please visit and see reviews on the TTPM YouTube Channel.
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Revealing The Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” 2023 Goodie Bag

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Continuing along with some of the fun that was had by “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” at this years Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” over at the Chelsea Piers. Now as some of you recall, once we had the YouTube Channel up and running for this website, I began doing unboxing clips after we had finished this event since all the participants were sent a massive Swag Box. This was loaded to the brim and made for some cool content. Now in 2023 they have changed the game and are no longer sending out the boxes and instead give you a healthy bagful of goodies to enjoy. Truth be told this will likely be better when you consider all of the package thefts that we hear about and will prevent anyone who wants more stuff from complaining that theirs never arrived. While the video is resident on the Channel, I’ve embedded it here along with the individual product photos that will follow it. Let’s go.

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Tonight: “Justified: City Primevil” on FX Network (7/18/2023)

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As I mentioned in the post that featured the Official Trailer (seen HERE ICYMI), its been just about eight years since the television world last saw Raylan Givens in action. Givens is the star of the novels by Elmore Leonard that was featured in the very popular series “Justified” which ran for a number of years. Now he is back in “Justified: City Primevil” which premieres tonight on the FX Network and then will be streaming on the Hulu Network as well for good measure. Will you be watching? Here is some reminder about the brief series.

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The Premise: Raylan Givens left Kentucky for Miami, where he continues working as a U.S. Marshal while helping raise his daughter. He soon finds himself in Detroit, pursuing The Oklahoma Wildman, Clement Mansell, who has been eluding the Detroit police force.
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