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“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Celebrates 13th Anniversary (2010-2023)

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Greetings my friends and I hope that this broadcast doesn’t find you having what they call a “Manic Monday” (queue the hit by The Bangles if you must). The weather outside is rather nice with the skies being clear and a moderate temperature that might find you only needing a hoodie and a baseball cap but hey I am not here to be the weatherman I am here instead to share some pretty awesome news. Today marks the 13th Anniversary of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog. We’ve even got a new birthday logo to use going forward thanks to our stalwart Art Director Joe Kaufman. Now many still refer to this as “Piercing Ken” based on its wealth of social media profiles and that is fine by me at this point in our history. I’m happy to report that the publishing regimen is pretty regular and as the world moves further away from the pandemic times and gets more back to what we used to experience during the Before Times I’ve tried to expand on the level of coverage and news items. So, thirteen years whew! Let’s briefly discuss.

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Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival New York Postponed for 2023

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The Press Release:
Organizers of the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival New York have announced the postponement of the 2023 event. The decision to regroup comes after a 10-year run for what has become a major outdoor, family event and a staple of summer fun in southeastern Queens.

“We are committed to delivering an affordable wholesome family event at the highest level for our patrons, sponsors, and other stakeholders,” stated Eddy Edwards, Managing Partner of Jamaican Jerk Festival NY, LLC, promoters of the event in association with VP Records. “We have worked each year to improve on what’s already been achieved and will use this time to improve our future events.”

Fans are invited to enjoy a ‘Jerk’ filled experience at the Florida Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at Miramar Regional Park. Details will be released in the coming weeks through our social media channels and the festival’s website www.jerkfestival.com

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Sorry to help share along the sad news to anyone in the readership who attends this event but since its always a popular calendar entry for “The Chronicles” I figured that I should share along the press release that I got when I inquired about an event for this year. I’ve never actually attended this one since Queens can be such a hike for me, but I do love some spicy eats and maybe a visit is in my future for the next time around. That’s all I have on this one. I will make mention that there is very likely this kind of cuisine at the Queens Night Market which has begun on the weekends over in Flushing Meadows Corona Park if you feel like checking that out. It sounds interesting for me as well, but is a really long ride via the MTA from my neck of the woods. Thanks for reading, please stay safe out there.

Official: https://jerkfestivalny.com/

Tribeca Festival Announces 2023 Feature Film Lineup

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The Press Release:
The 2023 Tribeca Festival, presented by OKX, today announced its lineup of feature narrative, documentary, and animated films. This year’s Festival, which takes place June 7-18, showcases the best emerging talent from across the globe alongside established household names.

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The 2023 features program includes 109 feature films from 127 filmmakers across 36 countries. The lineup includes 93 world premieres, one international premiere, eight North American premieres, one U.S. premiere, and six New York premieres. There are 43 first-time directors and 29 directors returning to Tribeca with their latest projects. 41% (45) of all feature films are directed by women and, for the first time, more than half of competition feature films are directed by women at 68% (19). Additionally, 36% (39) of feature films are directed by BIPOC filmmakers, including two indigenous filmmakers.
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2nd Annual Japan Day Parade To Take Place May 13th

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The Press Release:
Building on the great success of last year’s inaugural Japan Parade, the 2nd annual Japan Parade in New York City will be held on Saturday, May 13, beginning at 1PM. Starting on Central Park West at West 81st Street and traveling south to West 67th Street, the purpose of the parade is to celebrate, express, and bring awareness to the friendship between NYC and Japan with a thank you from the Japanese community. Olympic Gold Medalist, Founder of Always Dream, and Author Kristi Yamaguchi will be the Parade’s Grand Marshal.

This year’s Japan Parade will feature a live performance by the cast of The 2.5-Dimensional show from Japan, “Live Spectacle ‘NARUTO’”. NARUTO is one of the most internationally recognized and popular manga series of all time. The franchise has sold over 250 million copies worldwide to date. Written and illustrated by creator Masashi Kishimoto, NARUTO was first published in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, where it was serialized and ran for 15 years. More performers will be announced in the coming weeks. The Japan Parade is affiliated with Japan Day @ Central Park, an annual event that has taken place in Central Park since 2007.
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Top Scientists Reveal The Arrival of “Wooshies” On Planet Earth

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The Press Release:
Scientists are baffled by the sudden arrival of a new species of creature at a number of landmark locations all around the world! Apparently called the Wooshi (Woooooooo-sheeeeee), scientists theorize that the Wooshi may well have originated in the heretofore only theoretical dimension of Gor. Since their discovery, researchers have determined that while the Wooshi are generally well-intentioned, their enthusiasm, energy, and general ham-handedness can make for chaotic and frenetic outcomes for the people they come into
contact with – BEWARE THE WOOSHI!!!

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An unprecedented discovery, the Wooshi are neither animal or mineral (but slightly bigger than a breadbox), and while still undefined zoologically, they can be described to be short in stature (stocky comes to mind), concerningly if not annoyingly intelligent (bordering on cocky), and apparently fluent in English! Having mysteriously popped up at multiple locations globally, scientists are still struggling to confirm the exact number of Wooshi amongst us, but they guesstimate an oddly exact headcount of 11,111 Wooshi currently on Earth – HOW MANY MORE MIGHT COME?!?
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