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Fanatics Events Announces Inaugural Fanatics Fest NYC

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The Press Release:
Today, Fanatics Events, the live and special event division of digital sports platform Fanatics, announced details for its first flagship event, Fanatics Fest NYC. Sitting at the nexus of sports fandom, culture and collecting, Fanatics Fest NYC will bring together fans across all sports to celebrate their passions under one roof at New York City’s Javits Center from Aug. 16 – 18. The multi-day event will be laced with interactive features, multiple stages and theaters, exclusive merchandise, products drops, major announcements, live podcasts and more to celebrate and elevate modern sports fandom in all its forms.

Tickets are now on sale at www.fanaticsfest.com with prices ranging between $20 and $400. General Admission Adult tickets will be $50 for each day. (link is at the close)
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The Piercing Ken Official YouTube Channel Surpasses 100,000 Views

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Hello my friends, I’m here to share a little bit of the coolness that’s been brewing in the Media Command HQ insofar as it applies to the Official YouTube Channel for the Piercing Ken website. It was only a short time ago that I was alerted about the Channel having surpassed 100K Views since its debut in September 2020. The launch of this Channel was very overdue as the Piercing Ken website has been online since 2010 and became a professional voice in 2016. It wasn’t until the scourge of the pandemic found so many of us stuck at home and thinking outside the box and boom here we went. Since its debut I’ve been steadily loading up content and according to the administration panel, there has been a brand-new video every other day since February of 2023. The clip that moved the counter past the 100K marck was actually a Short that I recorded only days ago at the NY NOW Trade Show. It’s embedded right below for your consumption.

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Original Woodstock Venue Opens Upscale Campground on the Hallowed Festival Grounds

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The Press Release:
A historical pillar of the American music scene, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts—a non-profit performance venue and original site of the 1969 Woodstock festival—today unveiled the launch of its brand new, state-of-the-art campground. Bethel Woods is among the first venue of its kind to offer campground facilities of this caliber, which include a spectrum of options, from basic campsite amenities for the camping purists to exclusive, unparalleled glamping experiences for those seeking a touch of luxury in the outdoors.

With the current trend of camping and glamping—which accounted for approximately 32 percent of all leisure trips taken in 2022—Bethel Woods sets itself apart by fusing top-tier outdoor hospitality with its existing programming and expansive musical lineup. Bethel Woods invites guests to elevate their Sullivan Catskills experience, providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying live music performances and festivals. In addition, the campground experience promises an array of unique activations, from morning yoga and sound baths to evening drum circles and campfire hootenannies.
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Rundown Of “The Honeymooners” Marathon On PIX11 12/31/2023-1/1/2024

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Hello friends and welcome to one of our last posts for the 2023 with a favorite thing to share around this time of the year. Now if you’ve visited us in the past when the year is wrapping up you’ll realize that it’s once again time to share one of our favorite marathons with the readership audience. For the last couple of years I’ve sat down and cobbled together a complete rundown of the annual marathon of the classic comedy series “The Honeymooners” that is broadcast over on Channel 11. Since this particular post is always a popular one I’ve made it a sort of year-ending tradition. Historically speaking, the network has been airing this marathon of the series for as long as I can remember and I myself began running it for the first time when 2019 was ready to become 2020. When 2020 became the year that it did I felt that it might be a good idea to run this one again to try to keep people inside the safety of their homes. I’ve decided to keep on doing it since I’m a big fan of the show and find myself watching it whenever it happens to come on. If you’ve never managed to see this series and believe me I know some of you are out there, there is no better way to educate yourself in it than with this marathon. If you think that you have sufficient space on your DVR or cloud-based system then you should start progrmming the episodes now. This year, the marathon is showing “28” of the original “Classic 39” episodes and I think that I will program it this year myself since I will most likely be sleeping when a block of it is airing and then running around during part of the first day of the year. Start the 2024 year off right by spending it in Brooklyn with Ralph Kramden, Ed Norton, Alice Kramden and Trixie Norton and just relax for awhile while appreciating one of the timeless and still very, very funny comedies of our time. The marathon begins at 11PM and will run continuously into New Year’s Day with a pause for other programming from 4AM until 8AM. It will then pick up and run until 5PM on New Year’s Day. The rundown is presented down below in full and please know that I sourced the information from the PIX 11 website directly. If anything is different when the broadcast happens do NOT yell at me in the comments and please instead send any gripes to the network directly via their social media profiles.

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Sunday, December 31st
11:00PM – Funny Money
11:30PM – A Woman’s Work Is Never Done
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LCD Soundsystem Announces The Tri Boro Tour for 2023

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The Facebook Post:
it’s that time of year. we’re playing in new york again, but it’s a little different this time. It’s the tri boro tour.

last year we played 20 shows at brooklyn steel, which, while fun, nearly killed us all (as soon as we were done i immediately got sick for 2 weeks). we also kind of couldn’t remember the first, say, 14 shows because we were just grinding and holding on for dear life with only one day off in a row ever, trying not to blow out voices, knees, backs, what have you. none of us even realized we’d been in this tense fog until, when we got to the last few nights, everyone was suddenly able to actually let go, knowing we could kind of recover once we were done. on those last few shows, we opened up, added songs to the set, screamed our stupid heads off, and as a result, each show felt quite distinct from one another. once we realized how much more present we were able to be with a little space, it felt like, going forward, we should do whatever it took to feel that way every night—not just as we closed in on the finish line. so, this time, it’s 12 shows, in three chunks with some healing time between each group of four. this doesn’t radically change how many overall available tickets by very much, because the other thing we’re doing is moving around a bit, and the other 2 venues, terminal 5 and the knockdown center, are just enough bigger than brooklyn steel to make it make sense. i mean, nothing is big, just a bit bigger.
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