An Interesting Wall At Mama’s in NYC

I was in the city for a memorial function, and since I am always one that looks to make the most out of every single adventure I undertake, I always carry around some kind of camera on my person. This particular night found me first enjoying some dinner at San Loco over on Stanton Street in the LES, and yes I did make sure to add the dish to before I set into devouring it. Do please check that out. It was good.

From San Loco it was a quick decision to swing by a bar called Mama’s because a friend I had not seen in some time was working there tonight. He’s a transplanted Finnish musician named The Muff and I’ve covered his band Naked extensively on the PiercingMetal site. Based on my time frame I could easily pop in there for a beverage or two and then over to the memorial function. After some quick catching up it was time to break the seal as we gents always joke, and while I am not trying to be gross this action is paramount to the blog posting based on what I found in the Men’s room. Take a look and don’t worry its more strange than gross.


I hope you can tell from the image, but if you cannot its a whole wall mural/artwork of women’s breasts and I had never seen anything like this before. Uhm, I mean in the actual artwork of course. So since I had my phone I snapped the shot for you. As I did this all I could think about was Frank Zappa’s song “Titties and Beer”.

That’s really all I had for this post, and there is not much else I can say outside of if you want to see this for yourself then pay a visit to Mama’s Bar. Of course it will be easier to do this if you are a guy but then again maybe this restroom was unisex. I didn’t recall the sign specifying gender now that I think about it. Alright, until next time.


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