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Artist Interviews From Artexpo New York 2021 – Part One

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“The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” lifestyle blog attended the 2021 Artexpo New York which was held at the spacious Pier 36 on the Lower East Side. This would mark our first time attending this amazing art show and being able to do so as a member of the press. During the exploration I did a series of interviews with some amazing artists and gallery owners. The videos are resident on the still-growing Piercing Ken YouTube Channel but have also been compiled into a series of posts to enhance the coverage done by the website. This is part one in the series that will run until all of the interviews have been featured.

An Artist Brief with Studio Jackie

An Artist Brief with Mika Takeuchi

An Artist Brief with Jonsie Isasmendi

Stay tuned for additional installments in our Artexpo New York 2021 series of interview posts. While these videos have been embedded here for your ease of enjoyment, we ask that website visitors head over to the Official Channel for Piercing Ken and engage with them over there to help that network grow. We’d love new subscribers from around the world so click subscribe, click the notification bell and like or comment on the video if you have something to add to the mix. See you soon with the next chapter in the series.


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