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As you know, this little space on the Internet was created to be the home for all of the other adventures that I undertook outside of my main site. For four years I have been loading in a wide variety of what I felt you would find interesting and depending on what the adventure was, there were those times where I would send the readers here from the site. Well, today I am using to send you all over to the brand new and very excited to have in place “NEW” (queue dramatic music please).

Click Logo To Go To The New

Much like the site that you currently enjoy, I have installed WordPress in the domain root and blew away the fashion in which you used to surf its content. I explain more in the link that clicking the logo will bring you to and I do hope you like it. There is so much more to be presented over there and don’t you worry, I love putting up different stuff about our city and the sights that I see around me over here and that will continue as well. Thanks for the interesting in both of these entertainment mediums.

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