Happy National Black Cat Day 2016


Today is National Black Cat Day for this year and according to the Facebook post that I read cites…

“Did you know that sadly, black or black and white cats take on average 22% longer to find a forever home in rehoming centres. Help us to raise awareness and celebrate National black cat day by posting a photo of your black cat, or simply show your appreciation for these beautiful felines”

Below is my lovely girl Spooke who I have had in my company since her birth some fourteen and a half years ago. She is still rather spry which I am happy to report and is very, very friendly and one of the chattiest cats that I have ever had. She “talks” to me even more than Shadow used to when we had her. I took this only a short time before the post was scribbled together. Spooke is the offspring of my cat Shadow who passed away just about a year ago now and yes I still miss her very much. The memory remains after so many years with her in my company. In case you wondered this is Spooke’s side of the couch for the most part 🙂


My pretty and very good Spooke is going to continue enjoying National Black Cat day by spending it on either my couch or the bed or perhaps even the chair that she likes most. There are days when I have seen her on all three of the apartments offerings. So be it. It’s her day. While I am not sure of anyone’s pet situation or interest, I must stress that a cat is a great NYC apartment pet. Less demanding than a pup and less space. Consider rescuing from a local shelter if you have space in your home and heart for a furbaby that needs you just as much. Think about it.

If you Tweet or Instagram your own Black Cat today use the hashtag of #blackcatday so all can get a chance to see your beloved feline friend.

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