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It’s Been Nine Years Of Tweets; My Twitter Anniversary (2009-2018)

Hello my friends and social networking mavens of the readership; I am here to share the news with you all that today is my 9th Anniversary as a user of Twitter.  Please try to hold back all the excitement about this occasion for the time being as I reflect upon my first use of the medium.

The medium was slowly becoming all the rage among a group of friends and in the onset I was unsure on how I would even use it.  My first account was the PiercingMetal one and it was initially aimed at all activity that I was involved in for the music review website. Back in 2009 that is all that I was doing in terms of writing.  I felt that it was “okay at best” while those aforementioned friends were mavens for it.    Below is my very first tweet which as you can see is not really aimed at my music site.

A few short months after using the “PiercingMetal” account I would create a second account and use the ID “PiercingKen”. It was aimed at being my personal one and for connection with the other online networks that I was using like Foursquare, Yelp and maybe even my personal Facebook.  The funny thing about using “Piercing Ken” as an ID for this account was that the blog that bears its name was not even on my mind as a thing to do.  That would arrive the following May in 2010.   I am amused that the first tweet for that account actually would have been better served on the music account but oh well.  This might have been an accident at the time but I don’t remember.

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According to my many of my more ardent user friends, I still don’t use Twitter properly.  I’ve tweeted with PK over 3K times and with PM over 5K times so I’ve been using it.  I’ve promised to use the service a lot more than I have been doing and I have.  I guess my doing it wrong means I am not talking to people in it as much as I am sharing posts on the two websites and yeah I admit that is a shortcoming of mine when it comes to this service.   Here’s to Year #10 for usage which is I guess the next time that I will bring this up.  If you do enjoy what either website is up to, then I encourage you to follow the respective Twitter account so you get the links when they go live.  We always post to our Facebook’s Official Pages but they keep changing the dynamic on small businesses so no one sees the content.   By the way, clicking either tweet up above will bring you to the account to follow which makes that easier to do.  Alright, that is all I have on this topic and now its back to other items.  Until we meet again my friends, keep on tweeting…

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