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Hey there my friends, so I am back once more with the topic being “The Shorty Awards” and as you well know, the world is a VERY different place at the moment due to the continuing issues and problems surrounding the Coronavirus. These awards were supposed to be given out at the now shuttered Playstation Theater (which I might add was a venue we loved to visit for stuff) and with large gatherings being forbidden right now they were dished out via a streaming. This marks the first year I’m adding this awards show to my batch of related content so before I share the winners with you here is a little more about what these honors are for.

“The Shorty Awards, also known as the “Shortys”, is an annual awards show recognizing the people and organizations that produce real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and the rest of the social web”.


Best Actor:
WINNER – Rebel Wilson
Angela Bassett
Billy Porter
Brie Larson
Naomi Scott
Sophie Turner

Best Celebrity:
WINNER – Zendaya
Adam Sandler
Demi Lovato
Jennifer Aniston
Jonathan Van Ness

Best in Comedy:
WINNER – Trevor Noah
Aidy Bryant
Lamorne Morris
Randall Park
Trevor Wallace
Wanda Sykes

Best in Dance:
WINNER – Benny the Bull
Ghetto Spiderman
Harper Watters
Izzy and Easton
Kings United
Sherrie Silver

Best in Music:
Billie Eilish
Celine Dion
Lil Nas X
Missy Elliott

Best in Sports:
WINNER – Megan Rapinoe
Alex Rodriguez
Allyson Felix
Coco Gauff
Simone Manuel
Zion Williamson


Emoji of the Year:
WINNER – Boooooring
Australian Flag
Just a little bit
Otter chillin’
Assisted Walking

GIF of the Year:
WINNER – And I Oop
Dog Yes
Idris Elba on Hot Ones
Lady Gaga Eye Roll
Marsai Martin at the BET Awards
Tesla’s Bulletproof Window

Instagram of the Year:
WINNER – Lizzo post AMAs
John Mayer’s bottle cap kick
Now we’re Friends on Instagram too!
Ramen can fix anything
Will Smith getting to 50M followers
World Record Egg Post

Meme of the Year:
WINNER – Woman Yells at Cat
Baby Yoda Sipping Tea
Gonna tell my kids…
Gummy Adele
Mr. Sandman Challenge
OK Boomer


Best Animal:
Tito the Raccoon
Venus the Two Face Cat
Waffles the Ca

Best in Art:
WINNER – Dave Pollot
Adam Hillman
Mike Bennett Art
Pablo Rochat
Positively Present

Best in Beauty:
WINNER – Nikita Dragun
Ariel Tejada
Cohl’s World
Jessica Vu
Kheris Rogers
Letícia F Gomes

Best in Fashion:
WINNER – Aquaria
Adut Akech
Carmen Carrera
Edgar Artis
Menswear Dog
Tabria Majors

Best in Food:
WINNER – Juns Kitchen
Amirah Kassem
Erik Lamkin
Sam the Cooking Guy

Best in Health & Wellness:
WINNER – Wheels2Walking
Chloe Ting
Diary of a Fit Mommy
Massy Arias
Megan Jayne Crabbe
The Sad Ghost Club

Best in House & Home:
WINNER – Our Faux Farmhouse
Bobby Berk
Farah Merhi
Joanna Gaines
Ryan Serhant
Studio Mcgee

Best Journalist:
WINNER – Mona Chalabi
Caitlin Dickerson
Hannah Morales
Mina Kimes
Stephen A. Smith
Yamiche Alcindor

Best LGBTQ+ Account:
WINNER – Rose and Rosie
Dom and Nick
Edison Fan
Jammi Dodger
Rain Dove
Ty Turner

Best in Lifestyle:
WINNER – Les Do Makeup
Chachi Gonzales
Cherry Wallis
Color Me Courtney
Jose Zuniga
Raven Navera

Best in Meme/Parody Account:
WINNER – Thoughts of Dog
Comments By Celebs
DILFs of Disneyland
Subway Creatures

Best in Parenting/Family:
WINNER – The Bramfam
Team 2 Moms
The Bucket List Family
The McClure Family
The Rush Fam
Through Our Eyes

Best in Weird:
WINNER – jackstauber
Buttered Side Down
Caitlin Doughty
Jan Erichsen
Pro Bird Rights
The Nekci Menij Show


Breakout YouTuber:
WINNER – Supercar Blondie
Jennelle Eliana
Jordyn Woods
Niko Omilana
Noah Schnapp
Talia Mar

Instagrammer of the Year:
WINNER – Wolfgang
Adam Waheed
Laetitia Ky
Poorly Drawn Lines
Strange Planet
World Record Egg

TikToker of the Year:
WINNER – Avani Gregg
Brittany Broski
Howie Mandel
Just Sul

Twitch Streamer of the Year:
WINNER – MrFreshAsian
Maria Lopez

Best YouTube Comedian:
WINNER – Morgan Adams
Eddy Burback
Kiera Bridget
Sarah Schauer
Scott Cramer

Best YouTube Ensemble:
WINNER – Kian and JC
Dope or Nope
Montoya Twinz
Sam and Colby
Squirmy and Grubs

Best YouTube Musician:
WINNER – Pomplamoose
Catie Turner
Sam Tsui

YouTuber of the Year:
WINNER – MrBeast
Eugenia Cooney
Jeffree Star
Vereena Sayed


Best in Activism:
WINNER – Greta Thunberg
Amanda Nguyen
Bindi & Robert Irwin
Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi
Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier
Shaymaa Ismaa’eel

Best in Gaming:
WINNER – LazarBeam

Best Podcaster:
WINNER – Emma Chamberlain
Conan O’Brien
Gaby Dunn
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Nikole Hannah-Jones

Best in Travel:
WINNER – Haley Dasovich
Carrie DeJong
Eva zu Beck
Fearless & Far

Phenom Award:
WINNER – Jameela Jamil
WINNER – P. K. Subban
WINNER – Eugene Lee Yang

*** end of rundown ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: As I pointed out in the nominations rundown, I am not “on point” with a lot of the folks who were up for the honors and hence those who won them. I do like that this kind of thing exists though because due to the pandemic a lot of us are turning to the assorted social networks for entertainment and folks such as myself are really ramping up the content on their own networks. At this point in time, my PiercingMetal site is on all of the major networks and “The Chronicles” are following suit so if you like what we do please hit our About Pages and follow along. Of course the most important aspect is the engagement so like bomb, comment and share the stuff you see so we know to keep it coming. Readers are encouraged to keep commenting on posts like this in the space provided to let us know their thoughts and that they are out there. I promise to keep the entertainment rolling along to distract you in some sense from the constant barrage of news about the goings on from the politicians. Please be safe out there and use your head since this is still too new to know much about. Thanks for reading I will see you again soon.

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