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Product Overview Videos from Toy Insider’s “Sweet Suite” 2023 @ Chelsea Piers

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So as I’ve previously discussed here on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”, I was once again among the toy industry masses and learning about all of the new awesome products from some amazing companies thanks to the Toy Insider’s annual “Sweet Suite”. The event was held over at Chelsea Piers and in addition to photos and some social media, I did several videos for the YouTube Channel. While these clips are resident on the Channel, I’ve culled them together for our website readers as well.

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I just love the innovations from VTech, and these Switch N Go creations are really awesome.

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These new Leap Frog products will definitely awaken the culinary arts in your younger family members. Perhaps a Chef is in the making.

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Some of you might remember when the Toy Association, Toy Book and The Toy Insider did “The Play Date”. It was during that event that we met the folks at Purpose Toys and learned about the “Fashionista” dolls. Now they have a Latina spin on them with the “Latinistas”.

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I’m a fan of the Playmates Toys products and for the PiercingMetal side we’ve talked about their “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Star Trek” offerings, but in this next video we shine some light on the new “Miraculous Ladybug” line of items with Miraculous herself. How awesome is that.

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We love LEGO as a brand and since the booth was super busy I only did one of the Shorts videos.

So that’s going to bring me to the end of this side of the fun-filled and always interesting event. It was a pleasure to help spotlight these brands and engage with their teams. I’ve said it before but will say it again, “Thank You” to The Toy Insider for having us as one of their media allies for their event. My next clip will be the reveal of the goodie bag that we get as a participant. Make sure to be a subscriber to our Official Channel by clicking HERE so you don’t miss anything else. We’d love to have you along for the ride.


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