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Hey there readers, can I just take a moment of your time for a change? Well, I mean outside of the usual taking a moment of your time. I can? That’s good because this is something that is rather important to me. It’s a quick PSA about protecting your hearing with the use of these little implements.

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Now anyone who has seen me in public and read my website knows that I attend a LOT of concerts over the course of any given week. A LOT OF CONCERTS. I should add that I am often also in very close proximity to the loudest part of the action since I am taking photos and close to amps, speakers and monitors. What many might not know is that I am always wearing a pair of earplugs during the Metal mayhem and while this might sound “lame” to you, I should say that they don’t keep me from hearing the crushing melodies at all and instead keep some of the assault at bay which lets me hear the doorbell, phone and general conversation the next morning 🙂 That is never a bad thing in my opinion. I recently refilled my technical utility belt with some more of these Flents brand earplugs because they are affordable enough and can be used a couple of times before discarding them. I generally will replace a pair a week and before you think this unsanitary, I do rinse them off and dry them before placing them back into my ears. That is just common sense. These particular ones are marked as an NRR 33 rating which means a “noise reduction rating” of 33 db (decibels). Rock concerts are often over 100db and that is LOUD my friends.

My reasoning for posting this is because I keep seeing younger and younger levels of fans at the shows and sometimes its the parents bringing along the younger audience member and so few of them are wearing earplugs because “that ain’t the way to do this”. Believe me you are not impressing anyone with your level of “Metal Tolerance” and instead only fast forwarding yourself into problems. This might surprise you but I even used to wear these when I was a very active drummer based on some of the rehearsal rooms we honed our skills in. It was like being in a sound cave that only got louder and louder despite our aim at controlling the volume. So that is all I have and here is a link for you to order up a bunch of these and keep them in your pocket. Now back to listening to some awesome tunes and reading some comics for the website review database but before I go let me ask you this – do you wear earplugs at shows? If not, please tell me why. Ciao.

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