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“Rapture” Live (Single) by Disco Biscuits

Artist: Disco Biscuits
Title: “Rapture” Live (Single)
Label: Disco Biscuits
Release Date: 12/27/2019
Genre: Trance Fusion/Electronic
Rating: 3.75/5

Truth be told, I’ve never really listened to much from the Electronic, Trance/Fusion Jam band known as the Disco Biscuits but when the news came that they had covered a classic by Blondie with “Rapture”, I decided to give a listen and share my thoughts with the readership. The track comes care of the group’s own label imprint and was recorded live at Red Rocks and remixed by the Party Pupils. The lineup for the track stands at Jon Gutwillig, Marc Brownstein, Allen Aucoin and Aron Magner.

Since I was going into the track blind I wasn’t sure what to expect and as I’ve noted, I really don’t listen to much EDM stuff at all on top of not being the most schooled in the Disco Biscuits. That being said, how does a band of this type deliver a Blondie cover? Do they present a completely faithful rendition or do they morph it around with their own signature and when it comes to the number they did just that. Overall, this sounds solid enough, but I should inform you that it’s an instrumental version and there aren’t any vocals at all that you can sing along with. I guess if you know the song inside and out you are more than welcome to sing along and dance the night away if I can coin a line from the great Van Halen number. The vibe of the tune is a pleasant one and who knows, maybe they’ve convinced me to listen a little bit more as time permits. I wouldn’t mind expanding my own horizons which I encourage all music fans to do whenever they feel they can give something else a whirl.

The tune comes to us early in the day of the bands four-night NYC Residency at the Playstation Theater. The gigs will be the final ones for this venue and I will miss that place a lot and cannot believe yet another NYC music space is shutting its doors. I hope those who might be going to one or more of the shows enjoys themselves.

Track Listing:
1. Rapture

Official Website:

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