Spider-Man Riding Shotgun?

It would seem that between movies, the one and only Amazing Spider-Man is helping out the lonely delivery guys of the world by riding shotgun as they make their rounds. Clearly this is a dangerous task, as its already cost the web-spinner his left arm. Don’t worry it will grow back, oh wait, that was the Lizard. Sorry my bad on that one (snicker).


Here’s a better shot of our bicycle riding super hero for those wanting a different visual. It’s not in the worst of shape outside of the missing arm of course but that was likely due to the limited flexibility of this particular figure. As you can see there are not too many points of articulation. Yes my friends I know about this stuff and geek out to the toys so please indulge me. Moving on, I did think it was cool to see this as I wandered the region around our Blogging HQ. I actually had carried a small Spider-Man ornament on a drumstick bag and have two smaller scale figures of Spidey sitting at my computer desk. It seems he and Batman are two of the most popular heroes in many people’s eyes.


Now to think on this a little bit, while I am certain that this was one of the larger scale Toy Biz Spider-Man figures, I cannot determine when it actually came out or what else was in the line. It’s probably a late 90’s figure since at the time TB was making characters with almost reckless abandon. If you know more, our comments are open for you to share with the rest of us.

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