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STX Entertainment’s “The Happytime Murders” Official Restricted Trailer (8/2018)

The film “The Happytime Murders” is a dark comedy that might call to mind some of the madness that we got from “Team America” but while the latter film was all puppets, this one features a human casting along with puppets and it stars Melissa McCarthy. Check out the uncensored trailer below and be sure to send the kids up to do their homework if you are playing this without headphones. It’s really NOT for their ears. Trust me on that.

The Plot: In a world where puppets are reviled and considered inferior to humans, puppet private investigator, Phil Phillips, reunites with his ex-partner Detective Connie Edwards to find a serial killer who murdered Phil’s brother and is now targeting the cast members of the 1980s television series The Happytime Gang.

The Cast:
Melissa McCarthy as Detective Connie Edwards
Maya Rudolph as Bubbles
Joel McHale as Agent Campbell
Elizabeth Banks as Jenny
Leslie David Baker as Lieutenant Banning
Jimmy O. Yang as Officer Delancey
Ryan Gaul as Officer Milligan
Mitch Silpa as Tommy
Cynthy Wu as Brittenie Marlowe

The Puppeteers:
Bill Barretta as Phil Phillips
Dorien Davies as Sandra
Drew Massey as Vinny
Ted Michaels as Ezra
Colleen Smith as Cara
Victor Yerrid as Larry

Piercing Ken Thoughts: This sure looks like a funny as hell film, if this is the kind of humor that you like and while I’d like to see it, I cannot count on my doing it in the theaters based on the demands on my time. I sure hope you didn’t let the little ones hear this clip as there was some Deadpool level profanity interlaced throughout the thing. It did make me laugh out loud a few times so what did you think of it? Chime in down below.

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