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Piercing Ken’s “Best Of” 2018: Top Nine On Instagram

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Well how about that my friends, it appears as though we’ve once again arrived at the time where the Instagram “Top Nine” images are tabulated and that means you get to enjoy them as well. Over the course of 2018, I really was enjoying the use of Instagram as a social networking tool and I’m fairly certain that I used it a lot more than any of the other socials combined. The rundown will come after the image below so please take a gander. I figured that I’d offer up some background on them all.

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About These Visuals: Starting from the top left hand corner we’ve got my favorite girl Spooke the Black Cat and she actually made the Top Nice twice this year. The first one is from a vet visit for a quick check up and the other was just her chilling out on my office chair that she likes. There are two photos of me with the first one being from the Style Fashion Week step and repeat area while the other when I was dressed all Southern casual while visiting my family down South. The second row also features two images from the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo which I was honored to wander as a member of the lifestyle media. The extremely lovely ladies pictured from each in a left to right fashion are Ryan Ashley, Nikki Simpson (from an Inked tattoo reality program) and burlesque goddesses LuLu D’Vil, Bon Bon Cherry and Frankie Fictitious. Whew, such talent. The last row are two visuals from BroadwayCon which I attended for the very first time and loved it. Last but not least is a steaming plate of Polish food that my mother made when I was visiting down South. It was so danged good that I had seconds and you know what else was good? Our year in Instagram because I had a blast uploading and sharing all of these and so many more adventures with those who happen by. According to their tally, the account recieved 11.3K likes for the sum total of our 2,860 posted images. I believe we’ve grown by about 60 followers over the year to 681. Let’s see how much closer I can get to 1K on this account over the course of the soon to arrive 2019 year.

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The Exploding Omelet: A Variant Kind

Many of my friends know of my absolute appreciation for the comic book medium, and so many of those have variant to their covers when they get released so I felt that it would be a good time to do the same thing with a not too long ago posted recipe. I recently tossed together “the Exploding Omelet” as my title and here is the variant to that original theme. I also decided to share some of the preparation steps and visuals with you this time around. Let’s go. This recipe begins with two eggs, a couple of slices of hard salami and pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, a mushroom and a slice of American cheese.


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Voila! The Exploding Omelet….

It had been awhile since I did anything for this category on the PiercingKen blog, so I decided there was no time like the present. I had been rocking at three consecutive nights of Metal shows and awoke ravenous not too long before this posting and decided to do a little something different from making an omelet.


This time around I took a couple of eggs, a giant mushroom and a few slices of pepperoni since I just love the stuff and rather than slowly and carefully prep each piece and assemble them as I went along, I opted to toss it all in the pan together and cook it up. The end result looked like the aforementioned omelet had exploded. Tada.

Of course since I also have a great appreciation for cheese a single slice of American was added along with a healthy dose of hot sauce and the pictured wheat toast. This took five minutes to do. Give it a try sometime. Bon appetit.

Spiced Chop Meat w/Mushrooms & Black Beans

I felt like cooking up a little something today and decided that using some of the stuff that I had on hand in the kitchen and pantry would be a very good idea. With that in mind I took the chopped meat out of the freezer and decided to go from there and see what I could come up with. There was an extra can of Goya Black Beans in the cabinet (and while I like having them on hand I didn’t need as many as were stockpiled). Then I realized it might be wise to use the recently opened package of mushrooms since they tend to turn a lot faster on the warmer days. My goal was to spice this mixture up but since I had half a package of the Ortega taco building kit I just used that. It would work under the circumstances.

Step One: Brown the chop meat, drain some of the drippings. The rest will be absorbed by the beans and mushrooms.
Add your spice mixture.
Add the beans and mushrooms and cook them all together for a few minutes. Done.

Here is the mixed up ingredients after being cooked up together. I apologize for no real preparation photos in this one, but there was really no need to. I’ll line them out before closing up on this little piece since they were easy and quick for anyone to put together.

I decided to take this concoction and use it between Pita bread and then run with your standard taco ingredients of tomato, lettuce and some cheese. I doused it with hot sauce but not the pepper water of tobasco but instead used the John’s Red Hot brand which I find to be a little richer in taste. Of course I would gladly try any number of the different sauces that some of my friends have launched on the side but I didn’t have any of them on hand. The photos below show the finished product minus the sauce. Taking the photos after adding the hot sauce might have been a little messy.

1LB Chopped Meat
2 segments from a garlic clove
1 Package of Mushrooms
1 Can of Goya Black Beans
Spice Of Choice

Preparation and Cooking Time: No more than ten minutes.

Oh yes and before I forget, you can even use this mixture with a Spanish rice or the Zatarain’s dirty rice which I absolutely love. It would work out being laid over the top of the rice or even blended in with it. Whatever you prefer. OK that’s all I have for you right now.

I Am The Egg Man – In A Sense I Guess

Or should I have said “I am an egg man”?

Since the PiercingKen blogsite is often about some of the kitchen skullduggery that I involve myself in, I decided to invite you all over for breakfast. Well, in a manner of speaking that is. It was Saturday and the day before Easter and I was not only hungrier than usual for this kind of morning but I also felt like putting a bunch of stuff together and work out a recipe for you all to potentially enjoy. Sadly, I had not thought of taking individual shots of each and every ingredient this time around because not only have I done that before, but how exciting are shots of chopped up stuffs anyway. My goal this morning was to fix up a great omelet and I just love the things in all honesty. Write this down for reference okay? This one used three medium sized eggs, some sliced pepperoni, chopped up mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and salsa (of the medium hotness). I will type out the steps I took after you enjoy the yummy photos. Here is the final result on the plate with a tasty onion Bialey. Looks good right?

Here’s a shot from the side of the plate. I could not wait to sink my fangs into this one and finish enjoying the non-pictured but massive cup of coffee I had made. This was clearly going to get me prepped for the evening’s Metal show. In order to learn about that you will have to monitor my Official PiercingMetal Musings Blog (which I think a lot of you are doing as well).

OK so now the steps. For this particular omelet I used three medium sized eggs as opposed to two jumbo ones, and once they were nicely blended together I toss them into the medium pan. A small pat of butter was added for good measure.

After about thirty seconds of this cooking in the pan I tossed the chopped pepperoni, mushrooms and the cheese right on top to cook a little deeper into the eggs. Then the tricky part of flipping it was done but as you can see in the image I did alright this time. Figures on a day without company it comes out perfect. The insides were nice and cooked and the cheese super gooey.

This was the perfect fuel for the later evening Metal show that I would be seeing. That’s all I have for you now though. Back to your day you go.