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Check Out The “Story Of My Life” Mural By Hicks On Houston St. & Bowery

It seems as though I haven’t been down in this immediate area for a few months because the latest mural is not only awesome but has been in place since the end of August. It’s called “Story Of My Life” and is the work of Logan Hicks. I loved it and snagged a couple of photos as I headed down to the Berlin NY club for a media event. For me this mural speaks to the vibrancy and essence of the city and according to what my research has found me is based on a photograph that Hicks took of a crowd of people on the corner of Spring and Greene Street.


Here is another visual of this with less “real” people in front of it. I couldn’t do any additional shots as I was running late to my event and I still had several blocks to walk to get there. I also used my mobile for this one exclusively as opposed to pulled the DSLR or point and shoot out of my bag. That was a different process for me since I usually do something with each device.


This sort of thing is another reason that I love NYC. There is something at every corner of your eye to see and talk about and share with friends. Keep that creative process going my friends. Especially if you are visiting the greatest city in the world. We don’t mind at all if you snap photos of the stuff around you. Remember we are all pretty much carrying super resolution devices thanks to the mobile quality and it seems as though everyone is using Instagram or Snapchat nowadays. Work it.

A Temporary KISS for the LES

A few weeks ago I lamented the loss of Nice Guy Eddie’s which was a favored space for a couple of beers and food when I was planning on hitting a show down in this part of the Lower East Side. They had a decent happy hour and were also known for this next visual which was emblazoned proudly on their side wall.

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