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Feeling “Ghost”ly in NYC

So the other night I finally got the chance to see the band Ghost in concert with their show at the Best Buy Theater. It was a fantastic musical experience and once home while I was doing my photo editing stuff I happened upon a photo that I took of a church facade a couple of years ago and was surprised at how much this reminded me of the grim visage of Papa Emeritus II himself; He is the lead singer of Ghost in case you wondered. What do you think?


You don’t think so? Well, I do admit that when I took this shot that it was a late night and I think that is why I shot it in the first place, because it struck me as that sinister gaze in my relatively tired state. I guess the band was on my mind even back at that time but if you give a glance to one of my shots from the other night you might agree with me because sometimes the pulsating electricity that is the night in NYC can play tricks on your eyes.


That’s all I have for you tonight. See you next time.