The Solar Eclipse Is Coming, The Solar Eclipse Is Coming!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you probably know that a solar eclipse is coming our way on Monday, August 21st and if you live in the USA, there are parts of the country where you will see all or some of it. We haven’t had one since 2009. Now unless you are planning on watching this phenomenon from the comfort of your home on the television or streamed somewhere on the websites of the globe, its IMPERATIVE that you are wearing the proper eye protection. According to the news reports, libraries across the country as well as your neighborhood optical place should have free glasses that will allow for a safe viewing of said eclipse. The stuff down in the photograph below are NOT recommended for viewing this eclipse.

The friends circle who follows my Swarm app check-ins know that my quest for a pair of these glasses has been less than successful. I also did these Check Ins on YELP and you can follow my account by clicking HERE (I don’t add those who I have not met IRL but following the profile works just as good). I called two area libraries who said they never had them and didn’t think they’d arrive before the eclipse and the larger pharmacy and retail stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens and Duane Reade didn’t have them either. As a matter of fact one clerk tried to sell me these lens covers that you see below. I quickly informed him that this is NOT what people are asking for and unless the store wanted lawsuits afterward they should not try to push these are safe to use. Oh I didn’t buy these from that visit but they are perfect for covering my regular glasses in the bright sun.

I had no luck in the optical centers of my area either. One place didn’t know an eclipse was happening (yeah really) and another tried to sell me “really dark” sunglasses. That one shocked me the most. Idiots. I debated the solution you see pictured below since I felt that all of these would work out as proper protection. What do you think? I’m only kidding of course and don’t recommend that any of you do something as ridiculous as this. I tried to put the smaller pair on my cat Spooke but she wouldn’t sit still for a photo op and obviously wanted no part in my shenanigans about this matter. That said I cannot stress enough that you have the proper protection for this since we are talking about your eyes. Don’t blindly go shopping without any information because even was recalling unsafe brands that they sold. If you don’t have them yet the odds are that you will not find them as this point and some folks have suggested I make a pinhole camera but I hardly have the time or patience right now to do one of those things.

Make sure you read up on this event via a trusted resource like NASA (below) and use the proper caution. I don’t have the glasses as I’ve said unless I find a pair somehow between now and the Monday event but I will not look up. I will just stare at my phone like the rest of the lemmings and perhaps I can safely do a “selfie” with the blocked out sun behind me or solo. In NYC we are supposed to get only 71% of the eclipse but you should use precaution. The photographer in me wishes I had the proper lenses and filters to capture something but I don’t. That area of the craft gets on the costly side so I will just have to enjoy what shows from NASA or maybe the Weather Channel. Okay that is all I have on the matter. Happy Eclipsing.

NASA Official:

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