The Toy Insider Unveils “The Pop Insider”; A New Geek and Pop Culture Outlet

Hey there my friends, we recently received this news alert about a brand-new initiative that our friends over at The Toy Insider are spearheading. It’s called “The Pop Insider” and you can read all about it down below.

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The Press Release:
From the experts who publish The Toy Insider, one of the toy industry’s most influential media outlets and a trusted go-to resource on toys and games for parents and gift-givers, comes a brand new cross-platform media title created for adults and collectors who love to geek out – The Pop Insider.

A daily pop culture news and review site, The Pop Insider multimedia publication lets superfans fuel their fandoms 24/7–whether they’re obsessed with Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel comics or The Bachelor. The site will be supported with a weekly e-newsletter, seasonal print magazine and ezine, and real-time updates and commentary across social media channels.

“Geek is chic and pop culture fanatics are incredibly loyal,” says Marissa DiBartolo, co-editor-in-chief. “They want to be the first to know and own every single thing that’s coming out—that’s where The Pop Insider comes in!”

Adds co-editor-in-chief Ali Mierzejewski, “For the past 13 years, The Toy Insider has helped grown-ups discover the hottest toys and games to buy for their kids. We thought, ‘Wait, what about us?!’ We want to offer the same expert reviews and news scoops for adults out there hunting for hot collectibles, limited edition toys, merch and fun party games for themselves – that’s what The Pop Insider is all about.”

With editorial content developed by a squad of millennial-minded, self-proclaimed geeks who live and breathe pop culture and talk regularly with industry insiders, The Pop Insider provides readers and social media followers with fresh, edgy and engaging coverage of everything superfans crave, from retro ’90s pop to present day guilty pleasures.

Original reviews, features, listicles, must-read columns and news reports cover the latest and greatest new products and entertainment, including collectibles, merch, apps, video games, movies, series and more.

Readers can get their daily fix of pop culture and stay in-the-know online at, subscribe to The Pop Insider Weekly e-newsletter here or #fuelyourfandom by following The Pop Insider on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to regular digital content, The Pop Insider will publish print magazines and supplements throughout the year in conjunction with key industry and consumer events wherever fandoms are celebrated.

The Pop Insider’s inaugural 34-page magazine will publish as a special print supplement in The Licensing Book’s Licensing Expo summer issue, and is available as a free ezine beginning today at

Inside Issue No. 1, The Pop Insider explores what’s next for pop culture phenomenon Rick and Morty in an in depth cover story (pg. 10), a special report from Isla Nublar on all things Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (pg. 16), and a look at how streaming has changed the entertainment industry and what the future holds for content creators and viewers alike in #TEAMSTREAM (pg. 12). Plus, an inside scoop on all the new toys, collectibles and must-have merch for geeks to get their hands on (pg. 30), as well as how fans can experience their favorite fandoms IRL through the magic of Warner Brothers (pg. 28) among more pop-tastic features and spotlights.

For advertisers, The Pop Insider offers brands a tremendous opportunity to engage with a dedicated community of adults, collectors and millennials who are pop culture-obsessed consumers of products and entertainment. The Pop Insider’s initial brand offerings include digital and print ads, sponsored content, social media takeovers, video and display advertising, as well as onsite activations at industry events.

For media interested in learning more, The Pop Insider will be sponsoring a “What’s Poppin’ Lounge” at sister publication The Toy Insider’s invitation-only Sweet Suite 2018 event, The Biggest Night of Play, on Thursday, July 11th at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, in New York City. More details to follow.

Media Notes: Read The Pop Insider Issue No. 1 E-Zine HERE

About The Pop Insider: Launched in 2018, The Pop Insider is a multimedia publication that lets superfans fuel their fandoms 24/7 with the content they crave through a daily pop culture news and review site, weekly e-newsletter, seasonal print magazine and ezine, and real-time social media updates. Both digital and print editions are produced by Adventure Publishing Group, publisher of leading trade publications The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, and the No. 1 consumer resource for toys and games for kids, The Toy Insider. For more information, visit the website linked below and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: As someone who has been to two “Sweet Suite” and “Holiday Of Play” events, I am very happy for our friends at this organization because they work so hard on showcasing the best and most innovative products out there. I’m sure they will be able to offer up some additional interesting insight on the other things of geek such as comic books and films. PiercingMetal Readers already know that I’ve been discussing “Comics” and “Films and Television” for years and there is certainly a lot to talk about in those areas so I’m sure The Pop Insider will have their work cut out for them. I will be clicking around their site for sure to see if I’ve missed anything or if any interesting reveals make it there before anywhere else and I think you should do the same. I’ll close up now since I’ve a lot on my respective plates, but I wonder what you think about this news. Chime in down below and I’ll see you again soon. Hopefully I will be a part of their “Sweet Suite” and “Holiday Of Play” for 2018 but at the time of this writing its a little too early to tell.

Official Website:
Official Website:

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