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Universal Pictures “The Grinch” Official Trailer 3 (Coming November 2018)

Once again I am saying that it was about three months ago when we shared what amounted to the second Official Trailer for the upcoming Universal Pictures/Illumination Entertainment feature “The Grinch” and if you didn’t see that one for some reason, please click HERE because its better you are following along the best as possible. As you know, this seems to be a new take on the classic Dr. Suess “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and the third trailer gives us an even deeper look into the fun. Let’s take a look.

The Premise:
The Grinch hatches a scheme with his trusted canine Max to ruin Christmas when the residents of Whoville plan to make their annual holiday three times bigger that year. Meanwhile, Cindy Lou Who plans to seek out Santa Claus to thank him for helping her widowed mother every Christmas, but little does she know she is trying to blow the Grinch’s cover.

Voice Cast:
Benedict Cumberbatch as The Grinch
Cameron Seely as Cindy Lou Who
Rashida Jones as Donna Lou Who
Kenan Thompson as Bricklebaum
Angela Lansbury as Mayor McGerkle
Tristan O’Hare as Groopert
Ramone Hamilton as Axl
Sam Lavagnino as Ozzy
Scarlett Estevez as Izzy
Pharrell Williams as the Narrator

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I’m going to repeat myself and say that this latest trailer continues the general appeal about the film but for me personally, I don’t think that I am getting to it. I’ve got my movie itinerary locked in for the rest of the year with the upcoming “Halloween”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and of course “Aquaman” and I don’t think that I’ve left anything out. This kind of stuff I usually wait until its on PPV since I don’t have to worry about bringing any younger family members to the movies or kids of my own. As you read this notice, I am preparing to hit the annual Toy Insider “Holiday Of Play” and as I’ve noted in an earlier broadcast I expect to see plenty of toys that are focused on the film. I also have the TTPM event in a couple of weeks so there should be stuff there as well. If the toy content interests you be sure to pay mind to our “Toys and Collectibles” category since its bound to start filling up once the holidays start to rev up their engines. So as I close up I wonder what you readers think of this third trailer? Are you all the more interested in the film? Feel free to let me know what you thought of this trailer down in the comments. Until we meet again.

movie posters, the grinch

movie posters, the grinch

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grinch_(film)

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