American Museum of Natural History Outlines Vaccination Requirements at the Museum

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The Press Release:
We hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe and healthy as we navigate the pandemic.

In accordance with the recent New York City vaccination requirement, visitors must now be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the Museum. Beginning today, Wednesday, August 25, visitors ages 12 and above must show proof of vaccination. See the Health and Safety requirements on our website for additional details, including accepted forms of proof of vaccination. Facial coverings remain required for all visitors ages 2 and up.

The Museum remains committed to the vaccination effort and will continue to provide public access to vaccinations by hosting a free walk-in New York City vaccination site . If you have not been vaccinated yet, we urge you to visit the Museum to receive your vaccine.

Same-day vaccinations satisfy the vaccination requirement for entry, and we invite you to plan your day accordingly to enjoy all the Museum has to offer. We suggest you reserve Museum tickets for the afternoon of your vaccination appointment (booked separately here), or you may visit at a later date—everyone vaccinated at the Museum receives free vouchers for general admission for up to four people for a future visit. For New Yorkers who are receiving their first vaccine dose, the City offers other incentives, including the option to redeem a $100 pre-paid debit card online, in addition to the Museum’s free vouchers for future general admission.

If you have any questions about an upcoming visit, our staff is here to help. Please contact [email protected].

Thank you, Kelly Bolger

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: So there you have it, another popular place that is mandating that you MUST BE VACCINATED. I will admit that I don’t mind this at all because I am fully vaxxed since March 2021 and in case you’re wondering I experienced 0% side-effects or illness post either shot. I got the Pfizer dosage so that was two parsed out shots in case you forgot. I admit that I am getting tired of being told to keep a mask on when I am surrounded by the vaccinated though. This is especially the case on the train when I see so many people not doing it and never see them ticketed. I am willing to bet that if I remove it someone appears behind me to give me a fine but I digress. I’ve a lot of love for this museum and haven’t been there since last December when it was a part of my Christmas Tree hunting project. The curious can enjoy last year’s video by heading over to our Official YouTube by clicking HERE. We’d love for you to spend some time on the Channel and give us a subscribe, some likes and even topical comments and while we are on that subject, the photo below was from one of the awesome displays at the AMNH and while that T-Rex display is gone, there is so much more to enjoy in this massive place. I’d love for you to enjoy some of our Grams as well so please keep that engagement coming because with everyone online these days its a battle for attention. Feel free to let me know what you think about this mandate but keep it PG based on the broader audience. I shall return soon with something else for sure. Stay safe out there and get vaxxed, keep a distance and wear a face protection. Ciao.


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