Blue Note Tokyo Launches Live Stream Series

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The Press Release:
Blue Note Japan will begin live streaming shows on June 13, 2020 with the Blue Note Tokyo All Star Jazz Orchestra directed by Eric Miyashiro. Virtual tickets are required to access the stream and are now ON SALE. Learn more about the series and purchase tickets at the link below! All set times listed are in Japan Local Time. Buy tickets. (please be advised that it is in Japanese).

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Obviously we are a little far from the Land Of The Rising Sun over here in Brooklyn, NY but Japan is a place that I long to visit along with Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Iceland. Yeah I don’t get to too many place as you can see but that being said, I will still do my best to rally the charge when I learn about something cool going on from venue owners that we’ve dealt with on our side of the fence. If you are one of our readers from over there or even someone here who chooses to participate in these live streams, I hope that you enjoy them. I’d ask to come over and enjoy them with you but we are not in the clear from this virus yet so I am going nowhere for the time being. See you next time.

Official Website:

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