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Content Creator Ken Pierce Reveals “Ken Pierce Media” Blog

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Readership of “The Chronicles” and; it’s with great pleasure that I reveal my latest endeavor to you all with KEN PIERCE MEDIA. Now before you get too worried that this will replace the sites that you’ve come to love over the years let me explain that this whole idea stemmed from an experiment. Earlier this year I consulted on some blogs in terms of design and strategy and this was done in our own currently used medium of WordPress. After doing this consulting, I realized that I could use some background in the Google Blogspot or “Blogger” medium so I created a brand-new blog called Ken Pierce Media. Initially, this was only going to be a placeholder for me to test the creative options of Blogger in so I could be of greater use to my clients. This notion changed almost immediately and now onto more of the overall grand design of this snazzy sounding blog.

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Once the new Ken Pierce Media blog was created and I began doing some testing on how it functioned as a publisher I realized something. Instead of using this as a simple Internet scratch pad why not have it serve up both of my websites as a feed to their respective content. So that was what I did and since this is designed to be a feed and not much more the means to leave comments have been disabled on the Blogspot since the links will lead you to where you can submit your own topical notions to your hearts content. As you can see, the presentation is simple and very bare bones. There is a title with a brief intro in the body along with a link to the item on its respective site. If the post leads to that item will have the logo for that site and if you are being directed to “The Chronicles” it will be that logo. Now I know you might be wondering if all the extra work is worth it and I’d have to say yes to that because its not as much work as you’d think anyway. At the end of the day this let’s me have the Blogspot background be up to snuff while at the same time serving up each websites content base from today onward. Those interested in our world of posts are encouraged to click the “Follow” button or subscribe to said Blogspot so they are kept in the know of what has been posted because I’d hate to have you miss anything.

Also, for almost 11 years I’ve been using a Tumblr account as a feed to content and every so often this network would also serve up items that were being posted on “The Chronicles” if I determined that those followers would find it to their interest. Over the next few months I will be paying a little more attention to that network to see if I can do anything with it that works in tandem to what I am doing with this Blogspot. Let’s see what happens. Ken Pierce Media might still be brand-new to the Interwebs but I like how it sounds and who knows what else I will find myself doing with this professional sounding branding. When I think of other agenda items I will surely keep you informed and I hope that you’ll come along for the ride as I’d love the company. See you again soon. Stay safe out there because we are still in the middle of a global pandemic.

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