“Girl From The North Country” Play To Pause Until Spring On January 23rd

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We’ve enjoyed bringing some of the news from Broadway to your attention but while its been wonderful to see people heading out to theatre, there have been a number of closures over the last few weeks. Just a short time ago, the producers of “Girl From The North Country” announced a pause until Spring to take place on January 23rd. I’ve embedded their post to Facebook for your consumption.

About “Girl From The North Country”: The play is set in the years of the Great Depression at a boarding house in Duluth, Minnesota which is run by the Laine family. Narrated by the towns doctor, we find all sorts of life going on during the holiday season and the music of the great Bob Dylan is it’s soundtrack. There are smiles at times and tears at others and I think that most Dylan fans will appreciate how his music is worked from the fashion that you will find familiar to your musical ear. The soundtrack for the production is up for a Grammy Award this year but as previously reported, the Grammy Awards are postponed for the time being with no locked in date of happening. Our Grammy news can be found HERE.

Cast Members: Todd Almond, Jeannette Bayardelle, Jennifer Blood, Matthew Frederick Harris, Caitlin Houlahan, Robert Joy, Marc Kudisch, Luba Mason, Ben Mayne, Matt McGrath, Tom Nelis, Jay O. Sanders, John Schiappa, Austin Scott, Kimber Elayne Sprawl, Rachel Stern, Chiara Trentalange, Bob Walton, Chelsea Lee Williams, Mare Winningham

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Having seen the play already and enjoying it, I can only add that I hope it will return to performances as early as is possible. The news today reported that Broadway was taking a big ticket hit these last few weeks and this is probably based on the pandemic that is still going on. The new variant is causing too many problems and has even forced the Toy Association’s hand in cancelling the upcoming Toy Fair (discussed HERE). The interested still have two weeks at the time of this posting, so get on out to Broadway and see this show. Remember that you’ll need to be fully vaccinated with the second dose being at least two weeks old and have an ID to prove that its you. Oh yeah and you do need to wear a mask through the entire performance. Hopefully I will be able to catch this once more before it takes the break until Spring but that is all depending on my work schedule. What do you readers think about this news? Chime in down below and please stay safe out there.

Official: https://northcountryonbroadway.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NorthCountryBroadway

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