Happy 15th Birthday To My Cat Spooke (3/24/2017)

I’d like to take a moment and say that today is pretty awesome for me since its the 15th birthday of my sweet black cat Spooke who was born in my old apartment on this very day. I’ve had her since her birth and she is quite the important part of my world. I like to think that she is pretty spoiled every day but today she is going to get a little more of that since she is a very good and loving pet.

She was enjoying some lounging on my pants as you can see in the photo but I was trying to get her attention for the necessary photo and to show her one of the gifts that I picked up for her to celebrate the day a little better.

I found this awesome bag of cat toys and there was enough to keep her busy until all of them go to wherever cats manage to make such things disappear to. I am convinced that its a different dimension because over the years cats I’ve owned have lost items that were never ever seen again. I mean never, and not turning up while cleaning or re-organizing things that stuff could be behind. Amazing but I think any cat owner has experienced this at some point or another.

Right off the bat she loved the little catnip stuffed goldfish and went to town playing with it. Sorry no video was captured of this and a small wand with strings and a bell kept her focus. A little later she would get one of these little gravy treat items. I’ve never given her these before so I hope she likes them. Okay here is an addition to that thought, I’m amending this a few hours later and she cleaned the whole plate of this treat. Nice work on this one Delectables. I will surely purchase these again.

Now it was time for a day of lounging about while I act as manservant to any requirements of her feline highness. So any ordinary day in a cat owners life right? I’m very thankful to have her with me still and hope that we have a few more years together. In human years she is “15” but in cat years that makes her “77” years old (I looked up the formula). Fortunately she still is rather spry and remains a talkative feline despite wanting to do that when I finally go to bed. Oh well, there are worse things in a day. She is my good girl and I love her so very much.

Thanks for reading and feel free to toss any cat lover wishes down below in our comments. Sadly, Spooke does NOT have her own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but periodically will make an appearance on mine. Ciao or is that “Meow”. LOL.

2 thoughts on “Happy 15th Birthday To My Cat Spooke (3/24/2017)”

  1. Ken she is beautiful ! Her eyes stand Out with her dark face ! I hope You and your kitty have many more Years together .

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