LCD Soundsystem Announces The Tri Boro Tour for 2023

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The Facebook Post:
it’s that time of year. we’re playing in new york again, but it’s a little different this time. It’s the tri boro tour.

last year we played 20 shows at brooklyn steel, which, while fun, nearly killed us all (as soon as we were done i immediately got sick for 2 weeks). we also kind of couldn’t remember the first, say, 14 shows because we were just grinding and holding on for dear life with only one day off in a row ever, trying not to blow out voices, knees, backs, what have you. none of us even realized we’d been in this tense fog until, when we got to the last few nights, everyone was suddenly able to actually let go, knowing we could kind of recover once we were done. on those last few shows, we opened up, added songs to the set, screamed our stupid heads off, and as a result, each show felt quite distinct from one another. once we realized how much more present we were able to be with a little space, it felt like, going forward, we should do whatever it took to feel that way every night—not just as we closed in on the finish line. so, this time, it’s 12 shows, in three chunks with some healing time between each group of four. this doesn’t radically change how many overall available tickets by very much, because the other thing we’re doing is moving around a bit, and the other 2 venues, terminal 5 and the knockdown center, are just enough bigger than brooklyn steel to make it make sense. i mean, nothing is big, just a bit bigger.

honestly, this entire NYC “residency” idea came to us back in 2011 when we were, as a rock ensemble, attempting to throw in the towel for good, and our MSG show had sold out too quickly (we don’t need to go into it… it’s all googlable. have at it) leading us to add 4 nights at terminal 5 before the big one to try to save the day. those 4 shows turned out to be incredibly fun (even if i did scream my voice out on the last one, during “jump into the fire”, just before playing the biggest concert of my life) and, in a way, more enjoyable than the blowout, for us, and for a lot of the people who came to see us there. therefore it seemed appropriate that we should return to terminal 5 for another 4 nights. i mean, we haven’t played a public show in manhattan since, well, the first shows back, at webster hall in 2016. so, since madison square garden, and up until the present moment, we’ve played our own shows, in the borough where i lived most of my life, exactly twice. over seven years ago.

the knockdown center in queens is where we threw the DFA records 20th anniversary party last year (the original 5 piece LCD played a short secret set to open the night!) and where we held the despacio parties back in 2018, and i absolutely love that place. it’s bigger, and has multiple rooms, so we’re able to actually fit an opening band on the stage (!) and throw our own afterparties every night on site. the last one should feel particularly bacchanalian.

we’re opening the whole thing up, of course, back at brooklyn steel, which has become our spiritual and physical home, and while i’m glad people like seeing us there, we’re pretty excited to find more different ways to play in our city, and more ways to make each show it’s own unique thing.

anyway, i just wanted to explain a bit, so nobody thought we didn’t love playing at brooklyn steel. we do. we’re also trying not to piss every other band off, since we take a decent amount of shit from industry folks for clogging that place up for a month every year.


The Dates:
Brooklyn @ Brooklyn Steel


Manhattan @ Terminal 5

Queens @ Knockdown Center

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Truth be told, while the LCD Soundsystem are legendary in the genre of music that they do, its not really up my own alley so I’ve not really followed their journey. That said I do still love sharing news like this and listing residencies on our calendar since its good to help with the awareness of live music performances. What do you Big Apple readers think about this new tour announcement? Will you go to one, two or maybe even three performances? Chime in down below and let us know what you think about the band that keeps you coming back for me each and every year. I’ll wrap this up now and say see you soon. Keep safe out there.


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