Rundown Of “The Honeymooners” Marathon On PIX11 12/31/2020-1/1/2021

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Last year, I took the time to line out the complete rundown of the annual marathon of episodes of “The Honeymooners”. After the year that we all have had I can honestly say that this classic comedy is the perfect way to both close and open up a hopefully promising new year. Based on the pandemic, there are even more of us under lockdown as the year closes up and while there are still specials with tons of autotune, my only real interest is the final countdown to the New Year. As in the past marathons, some of the funniest and best of the episodes will be aired so head over to WPIX 11 and spend some time in Brooklyn with Ralph Kramden, Ed Norton, Alice Kramden and Trixie Norton and just relax. The shows begin at 11PM and run continuously into the next day with a brief pause for area news at 4:30AM before picking back up again at 9AM. Let’s take a look.

December 31st:

11:00PM – The Bensonhurst Bomber
11:30PM – Unconventional Behavior

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January 1st:
12:00AM – Opportunity Knocks But
12:30AM – Dial J For Janitor
1:00AM – On Stage
1:30AM – Trapped
2:00AM – The Worry Wart
2:30AM – Head Of The House
3:00AM – Pardon My Glove
3:30AM – Please Leave The Premises
4:00AM – Here Comes The Bride
9:00AM – Mama Loves Mambo
9:30AM – A Dog’s Life
10:00AM – Young At Heart
10:30AM – The Man From Space
11:00AM – Something Fishy
11:30AM – The Deciding Vote
12:00PM – Hello, Mom
12:30PM – Bropher Ralph
1:00PM – Pal O’ Mine
1:30PM – Better Living Through TV
2:00PM – The Sleepwalker
2:30PM – A Matter Of Life and Death
3:00PM – A Woman’s Work Is Never Done
3:30PM – The Golfer
4:00PM – Funny Money
4:30PM – TV or Not TV

*** end of rundown ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Once again the network will be airing “27” of the full original series “39” episodes. Had they not needed to pause for the news break they could have reached “36” episodes which would have been cool. As I’ve pointed out in the past this is something that I always seem to tune in to no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes. If you have an empty DVR or a cloud-based recording process with your cable subscription you can easily program the lot of them in to enjoy at a later time if you are too engaged or dog tired on New Year’s Day. Like last year, my New Year’s Eve plans are going to be simple. It’s not like we can really gather anyplace at the moment so getting involved in some television and some takeout sounds like a good plan to me. Truth be told I was so looking forward to 2020 and after how it turned out I am approaching 2021 with extreme caution. This time around I WILL be programming the DVR because I’ve got an almost empty hard drive on it this time around. I chuckle when I do this because I also own a copy of all these episodes on DVD. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating that there are some of my very favorite episodes of the classic series being aired for this marathon and it’s amazing to me about just how funny I still find it. There are not too many shows whose episodes have withstood the tests of time as good as this one has. Now closing up, I am wishing you an early “Happy New Year” and I hope that you are going to be playing it safe and that 2021 is a better one for all of us.

PS: The SyFy Network is running a “The Twilight Zone” Marathon but that began at 6AM this morning. I shared the rundown of episodes on the PiercingMetal website so check out the listing by clicking HERE. Since I love both of the shows, I guess I will have my TV viewing spoken for until the ball drops and for a time after it.

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2 thoughts on “Rundown Of “The Honeymooners” Marathon On PIX11 12/31/2020-1/1/2021”

  1. I have written this to you before but it seems to have been ignored. It is now 12;25 PM on New Year’s Day and you are supposed to be airing a Honeymooners episode called “Hello Mom.” When you look at the guide, it says “Hello Mom”. But what you are really airing is another episode, “The Worry Wart.”

    You already aired that and you’re airing it again under the titlke “Hello Mom”.

    This is the third time in a row you have done that and it seems like you’re going to continue to do it and I don’t understand why.

    It was an error, a glitch, I understand but I’ve already written to you about it and no one has corrected it.

    Can you please email me at [email protected] and explain to me what the problem is and why it can’t be corrected.

    There are a lot of people watching this and seeing the error and you keep repeating it.

    Otherwise, have a Happy New Year.

    Robert Wasserman

    1. Hey Robert, the listings you see in our post were culled directly from Spectrum TV listings for the marathon and not something that is under our control. We love “The Honeymooners” show and share them because we end up watching a whole bunch of them during the day after the turning of the old year into the new one. I hope that the television network heard your note and I also hope you enjoyed our sharing the rundown with our readers. Have a Happy 2021.

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