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Sony Pictures: “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” Official Trailer

The trailers for some truly awesome animated features have been rolling out and now we have the third installment in the “Hotel Transylvania” series of comedic monster movies. Let’s take a look at “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” that was released a few days ago. I’ve even loaded up the premise and voice casting for you.

The Plot:
Taking place a few months after the events of the previous film, the story centers on Dracula, Mavis, Johnny, and the rest of their family, both human and monster, and friends as they take a vacation on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship, where Dracula suddenly becomes attracted to the ship’s mysterious captain Ericka. What Dracula doesn’t know is that Erika is secretly the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, the notorious monster slayer and Dracula’s ancient archenemy. Now it is time for Mavis to be the leader of the “Drac Pack” and rally up everyone so they can stop Erika and save Dracula, before it’s too late. (thanks Wiki).

The Voice Cast:
Adam Sandler as Count Dracula
Andy Samberg as Jonathan “Johnny” Loughran
Selena Gomez as Mavis
Kevin James as Frankenstein
David Spade as Griffin, the Invisible Man
Steve Buscemi as Wayne: A werewolf
Keegan-Michael Key as Murray: An ancient mummy
Molly Shannon as Wanda: Wayne’s werewolf wife
Fran Drescher as Eunice: Frankenstein’s wife
Kathryn Hahn as Ericka Van Helsing
Jim Gaffigan as Abraham Van Helsing
Mel Brooks as Vlad: An ancient vampire
Asher Blinkoff as Dennis Loughran
Sadie Sandler as Winnie
Genndy Tartakovsky as Blobby: A green blob monster
Chrissy Teigen as Crystal: An invisible woman
Joe Jonas as Kraken: A giant sea monster
Alison Hammond

Piercing Ken Thoughts: These films are perfect for your own little monster in the making and it looks like fun. One has to assume that some toy lines will be coming down the pike and maybe stuff that I shall see at Sweet Suite or TTPM when those events happen. Stay tuned for that if its going to happen and before I move along, what did you think of the trailer? Will you be bringing the little goblins out to see this one? Chime in down below.

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