The Boss’ “Springsteen On Broadway” Residency Extends To December 2018

As I’ve shared the news about the historic residency by Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen before, I figured that the announcement about this residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre being extended until December would be of interest to his ardent fans that also might be enjoying our other features. Take a look down below for the press news.

The Press Release:
Bruce Springsteen’s historic sold-out series of performances of his one man show “Springsteen On Broadway” at Jujamcyn’s Walter Kerr Theatre will be extended through a final New York City show December 15th, 2018. Eighty-one additional shows will go on sale for performances July 10th through December 15th, 2018, marking the third time “Springsteen on Broadway” has been extended since its initial eights-week run.

Tickets for the newly-announced “Springsteen on Broadway” shows will go on sale Wednesday, March 28th at 11am ET – exclusively through Ticketmaster Verified Fan®.

“Springsteen on Broadway” has drawn exceptional demand since its first announcement. In order to recognize the tremendous number of fans who previously participated but have not had the opportunity to shop for tickets, for this onsale, only fans who previously registered, and have not purchased tickets, will be eligible to receive an invitation to the onsale. Eligible fans will receive additional information on Monday, March 26 to prepare in advance.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Alright Boss, I give up and you have won. It is now officially a herculean task to list the residency dates on our Events Calendar like we have been doing over the last couple of months. You readers might be chuckling as you wonder why I did that in the first place and let’s remember that this was only supposed to be an eight week residency. I felt it would be cool to have those dates on the calendar and be supportive even if the tickets were sold out almost immediately. Now that the residency will be running for another few months I’ll be referring you all to the official website which is linked below for the event dates. I’ve loaded up the ones up until the end of June which was when this residency was supposed to end but at this point who knows if that is ever going to happen. Congratulations to The Boss on this being as well-received as it has been. Since I will not likely get to this based on the price and the demands for media tickets being so great, I remain hopeful for an audio and video release in the future. I’ll close up now and ask what you folks think about the extension and if you have managed to see this yet. If you did or plan to just chime in down in the comments section below.

Official Website:

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