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Now Playing: “Aquaman” in Theaters Everywhere (12/21/2018)

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Superhero fans around the world will be able to give themselves an early Christmas present (or a late Hanukkah present depending on which you follow) based on the opening of the film “Aquaman” which continues Warner Brothers Pictures “DC Extended Universe”. I’ve discussed the film a few times over on the PiercingMetal website in terms of the Final Trailer (seen HERE) and some awesome Promotional Posters (seen HERE). Let’s reflect on the Theatrical Poster, Premise and Ensemble Cast down below before I close out with some editorial.

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The Synopsis: Following the events of Justice League, Arthur Curry, the reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, is caught in a battle between surface dwellers that threaten his oceans and his own people, who are ready to lash out and invade the surface.
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The Warner Brothers Pictures Trailers Are Revealed @ SDCC 2018

For the last few days, the Comic Con International: San Diego was taking over the San Diego Convention Center and one of the things that I look forward to from this massive event are the movie and television trailers that get revealed here. Three films that I was most interested in getting a glimpse at were coming from Warner Brothers Pictures with “Godzilla: King Of Monsters”, “SHAZAM!” and “Aquaman”. I didn’t attend this event and am actually enjoying some vacation time with my family. With that being said, I am using The Chronicles to direct you over to the individual posts about each of those films. Just click on the respective logo to be brought to them on the PiercingMetal.com website. I’ll begin with “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters” since this was the one that I was most excited about.

Next up, another installment in the DC Extended Universe with “Aquaman” who we all “met” in surveillance video during “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. The King Of The Seven Seas would be a key factor in the “Justice League” film and probably one of its better inclusions. The reports were flying about this being a standalone film like “Wonder Woman” was and not truly connected to the DCEU but that is likely rambling since on many fronts they don’t know what they are doing in this connected universe.

Another superhero movies comes with DC Entertainment’s own Captain Marvel who is NOT being referred to as such in his film to avoid confusion with the Marvel Studios “Captain Marvel” film which will also come out in 2019. Instead, behold “SHAZAM!” (the magical phrase that transforms young Billy Batson into the World’s Mightiest Mortal).

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Normally I wouldn’t lump all of the trailers into one post, but this missive is more of a glorified traffic sign used to direct you to longer summaries over on PiercingMetal. Now that there is a “Film and Television” Category of its own on “The Chronicles”, I will be using it for films of this type and more as often as time permits. The time factor during my vacation found me needing to offer them up like this. While I prefer any lengthy comments be left on the PiercingMetal.com website under the respective narrative, readers of “The Chronicles” are welcome to let us know which of these films they are most excited about. Until we meet again.

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