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Ragamuffin Parade Committee Cancels 2021 Bay Ridge Ragamuffin Parade

bay ridge ragamuffin parade banner

Adding some recent news from our immediate territory where we’ve just learned that the long-standing Bay Ridge event “The Ragamuffin Parade” has been cancelled for this year. I’ve embedded the Facebook post that was made by a regional Councilman Justin Brannan. Take a look.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: So before you lay the blame on the city or state, be reminded that this was 100% based on the organizers of said parade. We found the same thing coming to pass with The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island (discussed HERE) and if you’re late to the table on the news our New York City had been dealing with a rising wave of cancellations already as the NY Luxury Design Fair, The New York International Auto Show, The IMS Outdoors and The Summer Fancy Food Show have all postponed this years originally scheduled events. Just click the highlighted text for those stories if you’d care to peruse. Now I will admit that I find it strange that the larger event of the Third Avenue Festival isn’t being cancelled since 50x the attendance of the Ragamuffin Parade happens at that but in truth its still early and we have plenty of time to find that being postponed for a second year. Though I am vaccinated I am not likely going to wander an event where people are back to back and shoulder to shoulder but that’s just me. I don’t have much more to add on this but I do think this parade is a charming one when it happens. It’s nice to see all the incredible costumes and designs they come up with. Chime in down below with your thoughts if you got ’em and Iwill see you again soon. Stay safe,stay distanced and stay masked where advised to do so. Oh yeah and get vaccinated because I’d like to go to things a little more regularly again.

Official: https://ragamuffinparadebayridge.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RagamuffinParade

Third Avenue Festival @ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

The annual Third Avenue Festival takes place today on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and will span from Bay Ridge Avenue to 92nd Street. Come out for food, drink, shopping and musical experiences.

Ragamuffin Parade @ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

The annual Bay Ridge parade will take place at 1PM and run from 76th Street to 92nd Street in the neighborhood.

Scenes From The 150th Annual Memorial Day Parade (5/29/2017)

Today is Memorial Day and that means its time for the annual Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade. This year while a special one as it was the 150th of its kind, did not have the weather on its side and would be rather rainy throughout the course of the event. That was not going to stop me from snapping photographs for readers of the blog to enjoy and I will begin as usual with the video of The Rolling Thunder passing through. There didn’t seem like there was many of them today and I guess with other parades taking place that they had to split them up. Enjoy.

Now it was time to begin the marching and from here on its just going to be the photos to entertain you. With a lot of friends and family not living in the immediate area anymore, I feel this brings a little bit of home to where they live now. Enjoy.

memorial day parade 2017

memorial day parade 2017

memorial day parade 2017
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A Bay Ridge Ride Along: The Scenic Route

Was out with a friend not too long ago doing some errands and general zipping around when I realized I was close to a stretch of the Belt Parkway that my Pop always used to refer to as “The Scenic Route”. With that in mind I snapped to attention with the Galaxy Note 4 and recorded some video that I am now sharing with friends, family and fans of our little home on the web. Well, the ones that are not usually following the PiercingMetal.com stuff I mean (insert shameless plug here LOL).

Before you ask, the answer is NO I was not driving and please pardon the bumps in the video, this is “as is” presentation like you were sitting there zipping past the Narrows on the way to the exit that brings me to the Creative Command HQ. Speaking personally, I’ve always liked this particular run of road and am glad to share it with you all. I thought it would be fun to send to my no longer area resident parents who have retired to the warmer climates of the south. Be sure to do this yourself should you be in town for any reason 🙂 Until next time.