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Revealing The Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” 2023 Goodie Bag

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Continuing along with some of the fun that was had by “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” at this years Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” over at the Chelsea Piers. Now as some of you recall, once we had the YouTube Channel up and running for this website, I began doing unboxing clips after we had finished this event since all the participants were sent a massive Swag Box. This was loaded to the brim and made for some cool content. Now in 2023 they have changed the game and are no longer sending out the boxes and instead give you a healthy bagful of goodies to enjoy. Truth be told this will likely be better when you consider all of the package thefts that we hear about and will prevent anyone who wants more stuff from complaining that theirs never arrived. While the video is resident on the Channel, I’ve embedded it here along with the individual product photos that will follow it. Let’s go.

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