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Revealing The Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” 2023 Goodie Bag

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Continuing along with some of the fun that was had by “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” at this years Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” over at the Chelsea Piers. Now as some of you recall, once we had the YouTube Channel up and running for this website, I began doing unboxing clips after we had finished this event since all the participants were sent a massive Swag Box. This was loaded to the brim and made for some cool content. Now in 2023 they have changed the game and are no longer sending out the boxes and instead give you a healthy bagful of goodies to enjoy. Truth be told this will likely be better when you consider all of the package thefts that we hear about and will prevent anyone who wants more stuff from complaining that theirs never arrived. While the video is resident on the Channel, I’ve embedded it here along with the individual product photos that will follow it. Let’s go.

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2021 Toy Of The Year Winners Are Announced

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The TOTY Award Winners were recently announced in a first-ever virtual ceremony with the in-person event being impossible to hold due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. After a brief commentary by Toy Association President Steve Pasierb, the nominations were replayed and the winners announced. For ease of seeing who was up for what and who would eventually win the coveted award, I’ve left the original full list of nominations for your perusal. Now without any further adieu, here are the 2021 TOTY Winners…

Alter Nation Action Figure Assortment (Panda Mony Toy Brands)
Anime Heroes (Bandai America)
Batman 4 Inch Action Figures (Spin Master)
WINNER – Fisher-Price #ThankYouHeroes Line (Mattel)
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu (Moose Toys)
The Original Spawn Action Figure and Comic Remastered (2020) (McFarlane Toys)
Treasure X (Moose Toys)

Blume Petal Pets (Skyrocket)
Charaction CUBE (Bandai America)
Hairdorables Hair Art Series (Just Play)
WINNER – LEGO Super Mario Character Packs (LEGO)
L.O.L. Surprise! Remix Hair Flip (MGA Entertainment)
Space Invaders Micro Player (My Arcade)
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Exploring The Toy Insiders 2017 “Holiday Of Play”: Part 2

Well hello there and welcome back my friends, you have safely landed on another installment of my Toy Insider “Holiday Of Play” features. If you missed the first chapter that ran, you’re going to want to click HERE to see it. Much like my Toy Fair postings, I wander each booth with some focus to let their wonders shine through your computer or mobile screens. I’m starting off with a giant-sized version of the game “Ker-plunk”, I remember this as a kid but this giant one looks like madness.

the toy insider, holiday of play 2017

the toy insider, holiday of play 2017
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Unboxing The Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” 2016 Schwag Box

Over the summer I attended my first-ever “Sweet Suite” which is an event that is set up by the fine folks at Toy Insider.  I had met them at this years American International Toy Fair thanks to our good friend in media Mr. Skeleton Pete. Shortly after the event, this massive box arrived and I figured it would be fun to do one of those “unboxing” posts, even though I know this stuff is better suited for a YouTube.com channel.  I opted to use the Chronicles of Piercing Ken for this post based on the event and the contents of said box being more suited to my folks with kids readership so here we go.

sweet suite 2016

Okay so before I begin I will stress that this is NOT all of the stuff that was in the box. It was massive as you can see and packed to the brim. No complaints on that at all so here we go with something adorable called “Twozies”. They come care of the makers of Shopkins.

sweet suite 2016
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