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Riding The Rails: The Hudson Ones

I’ve been meaning to share this little group of films for a few months now but somehow it just got by me. Of course, the delay made this a little better at the end of the day and here is why. The origin of the clips comes from my couple of times a year journey upstate to see friends and to get up there I take the Hudson River line train and get to enjoy its wonderful visuals (depending on the day of course). The last time that I headed up there I decided to snag some clips on the trip back to the Big Apple. I had done a few moments of video between each train station stop for about three stops.

Now instead of loading up four separate videos and adding each of those in, I used Microsoft Movie Maker to tie them together for one hopefully enjoyable experience. I think the next time that I head up this way I will capture these visuals “on the way” there and do breaks between stations like this. The software allows me to easily tie them together so let’s see what happens when I attempt that. Stay tuned and until next time have a nice day.

Observing Above at Union Street Station in Brooklyn

Logo - Union Street

The other night I was at a Yelp Elite event which was a whole lot of fun and after that one last beer found myself just missing the train that I needed to get back to my creative command HQ. I didn’t have a book or a decent WiFi signal since I was underground and this is an unconnected station still so the boredom found me looking around and upward toward the artwork above the station name. There was some pretty ornate decoration up there and since I am always with a camera of some kind on my person be it a point and shoot or the mobile phone I decided to walk the platform and snap images of all of the ones I could see on the side of the platform heading to Bay Ridge.

union street, subway station art

Though I didn’t know this at the time, these bits of art were called “CommUnion” and done by Emmett Wigglesworth. Please enjoy the images that I secured.

union street, subway station art
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Leaving NYC In An Underground Fashion (8/21/2013)

Okay so it was not too long ago that I shared some mass transit visuals with you all when I was heading out to an art opening in Long Island City. I called it a “A Few Minutes On The #7 Train” for lack of a better description and felt that there were a couple of other instances where I wanted to do the same thing. I head upstate to see friends a couple of times a year and the ride that brings me there along the Hudson River is nothing less than amazing. This clip however is from an entirely different vantage point and brings you along with me to the Underground as my train makes its way out of Grand Central station.

The last time that I went up there I remembered liking the visuals a lot more than I did for this particular visit so I am guessing I was on a different track. It feels as though you are traveling through a dark and eerie city when you are heading out so I pushed my little Sony Cybershot to the very dirty glass and pressed “record”. Mind you some of it is darkness and some of it a little cloudier than I would have liked as the little camera struggled to focus in the dark. Like I said this was just to share the time and also to continue to experiment in this fashion. I think it might have come out better had I used the Lumix since that is a tad more powerful. In any case you have this for the time being and might want to try it yourself. One of my future goals is to get a video when I go over the Manhattan Bridge. If I capture it you can count on my sharing it here. I do them because we have such a worldwide visitor base that its fun to have them along with me and spark their own interests for when they visit.

Official Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway

Some Elevated Visuals

Every once in awhile I like to showcase some visuals that I have captured in my travels that relate to the subway system or that which is in close proximity. These couple of shots were taken way back in early 2010 while on an adventure with my buddy the Beehivehairdresser. I just liked the way they looked to me and decided to finally post them. Enjoy.

By the way, this is the “D” train line elevated rails. I was on or around 18th Avenue and I think the cross with New Utrecht. It’s the same shot but with a slightly different perspective.

I’ve more in some of my photo folders and as I dig them out of my own personal archive I will try to keep presenting this kind of stuff to you on the blog. As I have often said, I prefer posting things here as opposed to Facebook.

A Photo Of The Yard..The 65th St. Train Yard That Is..

A view from way up high in the sky is this visual of the 65th Street Yards which is located at (you guessed it) 65th Street in Bay Ridge.  Just off Second Avenue to be exact if you were wanting to get your own peek at this in person.

The 65th Street Yards From Above

I took this while gathering with friends on the Fourth of July holiday back in 2009 and I have always wanted to use this photo somewhere.  Lucky for me the blog is here to showcase this kind of stuff every now and again.  This train yard was something of a wild exploration area for many of the area youths way back in the day as it was unused for many years and unkempt.  There were a lot more trees and even some small pond kind of regions if memory serves me correctly.  It was always fun to wander around like something out of the movie “Stand By Me” and yes I used to go down there with my friends.  You always feared getting caught but there was really nothing to do down there but walk around.  The far end water you see is the Narrows but no one fished out of it.

It’s been in use for a number of years now, and I guess that it is better than being a vast unused space.  If I ever get the chance to go down there for the purposes of photography you will see whatever results I get right here.  I promise. I did manage to get a slightly different visual recently from a lower vantage point and appended it into this posting for your viewing pleasure.