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Observing Above at Union Street Station in Brooklyn

Logo - Union Street

The other night I was at a Yelp Elite event which was a whole lot of fun and after that one last beer found myself just missing the train that I needed to get back to my creative command HQ. I didn’t have a book or a decent WiFi signal since I was underground and this is an unconnected station still so the boredom found me looking around and upward toward the artwork above the station name. There was some pretty ornate decoration up there and since I am always with a camera of some kind on my person be it a point and shoot or the mobile phone I decided to walk the platform and snap images of all of the ones I could see on the side of the platform heading to Bay Ridge.

union street, subway station art

Though I didn’t know this at the time, these bits of art were called “CommUnion” and done by Emmett Wigglesworth. Please enjoy the images that I secured.

union street, subway station art
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Some Subway Station Art In NYC

I was out and about on one of my photographic missions and when I needed to zip downtown a few stops I realized that the 28th Street Station had some wild mosaic style art. I didn’t notice any creator names and just wanted to share them with you. Especially if you are one of our out of NYC readers who might be planning on visiting sometime soon. Enjoy the presentation.



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“Persistence Of Vision” In Transit (9/20/2013)

If you ride the Q train and are heading into Manhattan when it makes its way over the Manhattan Bridge, you might want to look out the windows through the grit and grime and see the artwork that comes to life right outside of your vantage point with “Peristence Of Vision”. It’s a multi-panel piece of work that when the train rumbles by gives the appearance of movement. It’s pretty cool and I’ve wanted to capture it for this blog for awhile now. Especially since I have so many friends from other countries that I like to point out interesting things to.

For the video I used the trusty Panasonic Lumix and think it came out alright for my needs. I did miss a half second but for this posting what I ended up with serves my purposes just fine. I should tell you that I had tried to capture this a few times already but it was ruined on several attempts by the train stopping or going slower than usual. Hopefully if you try to go and see this particular art installation in NYC’s underground that the train is smooth and timely. You’ll need to be on the DeKalb station in Brooklyn by the way. Enjoy.

UPDATE 12/8/2013: I was on the fence about appending this post but my reason for doing so was based on my shooting this piece of art once more a few months after that first time. I figured why do a new post that was about the same thing. For this go at it I used my Droid RAZR Maxx mobile device to capture the work and I have embedded that clip below for your enjoyment.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistence_of_vision