Tribeca Festival 2021: Day Three Recap

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The Press Release:
Day 3 of Tribeca Festival was packed full of fantastic programming including outdoor immersive installations across the city, compelling Tribeca Talks, special appearances by rock legends and A-list stars, and borough-to-borough mobile screenings. See some of the notable highlights below:

The day kicked off with Tribeca Games Spotlight for the first-ever official games lineup featuring creator interviews, appearances by special guests, and exclusive gameplay from the eight official selections: Harold Halibut, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Lost In Random, NORCO, Sable, Signalis, The Big Con and Twelve Minutes. Game fans had the opportunity to virtually catch the new Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ trailer, and hear from such celebrities and gaming industry luminaries as Guillermo del Toro, Khalief Adams, Neill Blomkamp, Japanese Breakfast, Tanya DePass, Reggie Fils-Aimé, Bing Gordon, Melissa Joan Hart, Geoff Keighley, Hideo Kojima, Sam Lake, James McAvoy, Norman Reedus, Kiki Wolfkill, Elijah Wood and Jen Zee.

Throughout the city, outdoor in-person immersive installations were located at various locations, and were open and free to the public. Among today’s installation debuts are Breonna’s Garden, a poignant AR immersive audio ode to Breonna Taylor. Held at WarnerMedia Innovation Lab, the immersive was created in collaboration with her sister, Ju’Niyah Palmer, to honor Bronna’s life while cultivating a safe space online to process complex emotions such as grief. The installation is part of Tribeca’s Juneteenth programming.

Also part of the physical AR experience was the Un(re)solved installation at the Netherlands Monument in Battery Park. Creator Tamara Shogaolu provided an experience using augmented reality to bring civil rights era murders, often racist killings, out of the shadows of the past. Un(re)solved has an accompanying WebGL immersive 3D experience for at-home audiences that is available on the Tribeca Festival website.

Created by interdisciplinary artist Annie Saunders and her collaborators, CURRENT is an immersive soundwalk set in Lower Manhattan, conceived to invite both locals and visitors back to our public spaces.

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer of the legendary rock band KISS were all in attendance for the world premiere of their documentary KISSTORY at The Battery. A line of nearly a hundred diehard fans decked out in full KISS regalia began to form hours ahead of the screening and the band was greeted with cheers and screams upon their arrival. Gene Simmons, wearing his signature makeup and 7 inch platform boots, spent 20 minutes taking selfies with a line of eager NYPD officers tasked with providing security for the event. Immediately following the film, KISS performed a medley of their greatest hits set to pyrotechnics, elaborate light displays and a firework finale. KISSTORY will premiere nationwide on A&E on June 27th and 28th.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville was on hand to world premiere ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ANTHONY BOURDAIN. The film is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at how an anonymous chef became a world-renowned cultural icon. It will be released by Focus Features on July 16.

Emmy winner Jasmine Cephas Jones attended the world premiere of BLINDSPOTTING. Her partner, In The Heights star Anthony Ramos walked the carpet with her to express his support, while adoring fans stopped the Hamilton pair to get their autographs. Also in attendance were director Rafael Casel and co-stars Helen Hunt, Benjamin Earl Turner, Jess Wu Calder, Keith Calder, Lil Buck, and Jon Boogz. After the screening, the director Rafael Casel and co-stars Jasmine Cephas Jones, Helen Hunt, and Benjamin Earl Turner took to the stage for conversation about the series. Blindspotting premieres on STARZ on June 13th.

Stars Luke Kirby, Elijah Wood and Director Amber Sealey walked the carpet at the world premiere of NO MAN OF GOD, a psychologically intricate look into Ted Bundy’s criminal investigations. Also in attendance: Daniel Noah, Lisa Whalen, Clarice Jensen, Kim Sherman, Aleksa Palladio, Allison Baver.
Spotted among the audience was Katie Holmes enjoying the premiere.

At the AS OF YET premiere, Melissa Kan (Editor), Jamal Solomon (Director of Photography), Eva Victor, Yedoye Travis, Amir Khan, Mel Eslyn (Executive Producer), Nathan Terry (Composer), Chanel James (co-director and co-writer), Ashley Edouard (Producer), and Taylor Garron (co-director, writer, and star) all attended the photocall at Hudson Yards.

Emmy and James Beard Award-winning filmmaker Michael Steed and James Beard Award-winning chef Eric Ripert were in attendance for the world premiere of FRIES! THE MOVIE. The film, produced by and featuring Chrissy Teigen, explores the history and the worldwide obsession with the humble but delicious fried potato.

Peter Bici (Co-Producer, Subject), Alex Corporan (Subject), Priscilla Forsyth (Subject), Hamilton Chango Harris (Writer, Co-Producer, Subject), Ryan Hickey (Subject), Ronald Hunter (Subject), Highlyann Krasnow (Subject), joined co-producers Jessica Forsyth and Caroline Rothstein for the premiere of their documentary THE KIDS, and participated in the photocall at Hudson Yards.

For the premiere of TAKEOVER, Emma Francis-Snyder (Filmmaker), Tony Gerber (Producer), Miguel “Mickey” Melendez (Subject), Iris Morales (Subject), Francisco Bello (Editor), Sebastian Diaz (Editor), Luis Miranda (Executive Producer), Lynn Nottage (Executive Producer), Hiram Maristany (Photography), Juan Gonzalez (Subject), Felipe Luciano (Subject), Denise Oliver Velez (Subject), Carlos “Carlito” Rovira (Subject) all attended the photocall at AMC Harlem.

Actor Tom Stouton attended the photocall at Brooklyn Commons at MetroTech for his comedy-horror film ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME. Jury members Melissa Leo and Peter Scarlet also showed up for the photocall.

For the BETA TEST premiere, Co-directors Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe joined actors Virginia Newcomb, Kevin Changaris, Malin Barr, Joy Sunday, Olivia Applegate, Angel Murphy, Matt Miller, Natalie Metzger, Ben Weissner, and Kenneth Wales (Director of Photography) for the photocall at Brooklyn Commons at MetroTech.

Joining the photocall at the Empire Outlets for the premiere of DEAR MR. BRODY are director/producer Keith Maitland, actors Frank Mosley, the real subjects of the film Jamie Brody and Andy Janquito, as well as cinematographer/producer Sarah Wilson, producers Megan Gilbride and Melissa Glassman, and composer Osei Essed.

Also premiering at the Empire Outlets is the horror thriller HONEYDEW. Director Devereux Milburn joined his cast Malin Barr, Barbara Kingsley, and Stephen D’Ambrose for the photocall.

At the Rockaway Beach 30th Street Playground in Queens, Tribeca’s borough-to-borough cinema screened the cult hit JOHNNY MNEMONIC starring Keanu Reeves, and the moving documentary KISS THE GROUND narrated by Woody Harrelson. Over in the Bronx at Van Courtland, the mobile cinema screened the comedy BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC starring Keanue Reeves and Alex Winter, and the action packed EDGE OF TOMORROW directed by Doug Liman, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Two exciting Tribeca Talks took place today: TRIBECA TALKS: SCOTT Z. BURNS & MATTHEW RHYS and TRIBECA TALKS: TINA FEY & CO. Scott Z. Burns and actor Matthew Rhys first posed for the photocall before giving a spirited conversation about Mr. Burns’ illustrious career as a writer, director, producer and playwright. Later in the evening, Tiny Fey, Jeff Richmond, Busy Phillips, Robert Garlock and Meredith Scardino participated in the photocall, then convened on the stage for an animated discussion about collaborating together on such shows as the new hit “Girls5Eva” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: To say that Tribeca Festival is pulling out all the stops and offering up a little bit of everything would be an understatement. Now if you’ve been reading any of my work over on you know just how much we love the Hottest Band In The World KISS and we were stoked to be a part of the attending media at the screening of the “Biography: KISStory” and stellar live performance. That night was a jolt of energy that I really needed as it had been 468 days since I saw a film on the big screen and a live concert experience. As I will be heading out to see family this coming Tuesday I need to examine what other digital offerings I can peruse because I want to really see the Bourdain documentary and “Fries The Movie” since that sounds like it could be fun. The photo of KISS comes from that night in case you wondered and is sitting on my Official Instagram so please do give it some love and come follow us. I’ll be back with more posts like these as the Tribeca Festival chugs along and also other stuff that we are made aware of. See you next time and please be careful out there.


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