LCD Soundsystem Announces “20” Date Brooklyn Steel Residency For 2022

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Since I’m trying to list more of a variety on the events calendar of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” I felt that discussing the recently announced residency for 2022 at the Brooklyn Steel venue would be a good idea. I did this last year but had to admit that its not the kind of music that I follow at all. I lean mostly to the heavy side of the fence and don’t have the proper exposure from friends who might be following them as far as I can tell. I dissected the residency piece from an announcement made by the bands founder James Murphy and you can read that down below the poster.

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The Announcement:
Also, we’re playing Brooklyn Steel again for 20 shows this winter, because we’re not aware that we’re getting older and somehow think that 20 shows is a good idea. and I’m just not sure where else I’d want to play in nyc. anyone who bought tickets to the 2021 Brooklyn Steel shows that were cancelled has first dibs this time—you’ll get an email, as long as you still have the same email. if you don’t have the same email, what are you trying to hide? anyway, that’s some news.

The Residency Dates:
November 18 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 19 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 21 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 22 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 26 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 27 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 29 @ Brooklyn Steel
November 30 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 2 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 3 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 4 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 6 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 7 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 9 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 10 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 11 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 13 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 14 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 16 @ Brooklyn Steel
December 17 @ Brooklyn Steel

LCD Soundsystem Is: James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, Tyler Pope, Al Doyle, Korey Richey

Piercing Ken Thoughts: When I did this the last time for their 2021 Residency, I had listened to their “This Is Happening” album but this time around I admit to having the television on and keeping pace with the news of the day since I had so much going on with this and all the other websites and social media profiles. I’m not sure that I will be looking into any of these shows to try and cover one for this side of the creative fence but with 20 different performances it might be something to give a try. The dedicated readers of this website might recall that the group was forced to cancel the final three dates of the 2021 Residency and since they were not made up, I had wondered would this go round feature “23” dates for good measure but its just going to be the “20”. While their sound is interesting, its not something I’ve keyed into myself but I am always down to check out something that I’ve not experienced before. Wrapping this one up I wonder if any of you out there in the readership are going to be hitting one or more of these shows when the group takes over Brooklyn Steel for 20 nights. It’s not a venue that I’ve been too all that much myself but I do like the place. See you next time, please keep safe out there.


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