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“The Chronicles” Celebrate 2nd Anniversary Of Branded YouTube Channel

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Greetings my Readers and those who’ve just chanced upon this little home on the web. I’m taking a moment out of the already busy day to share another announcement about our creative endeavors. Today is the Second Anniversary of the Official Branded YouTube Channel for “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website. Now you might be wondering how its only year two for that after reaching the websites own 12th Anniversary this past May. If you want to learn about that anniversary milestone you can click HERE ICYMI but the main reason for such a delay was simply that I just kept putting it off and was “okay” with any videos done with this branding being posted on my original Kenny Pierce personal channel. This was truly not the best course of action.

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When the pandemic was in full-swing I began to think differently about my creative process and while many outlets I knew slowed down or chose not to post I upped the content on the websites, social media outlets and did more things on the YouTube Channels that I had. As I was doing this I said to myself one day that it was now or never and this channel needed to be properly set up and worked with going forward. Granted I tried a couple of different angles first, like making the original personal channel into the Piercing Ken Channel, but there were too many videos of a personal life nature for that to work out so I started over. The very first video is embedded below and is me discussing the assorted social media and site pages for “The Chronicles”. It was fun to do this for this purpose but there would be a lot of work to do.

I had about a dozen videos on the personal channel that were done at events attended for “The Chronicles” and the downside of YouTube is that you cannot move content from one channel to another. This is something that they should look into because people rebrand and relaunch their creative process all the time. I had a bunch of runway videos from a fashion week event and the way to make them work for the Piercing Ken angle was rework them into something nicer and load up one by one on the new channel. I would remove these same videos from the personal channel the day before each one re-premiered in the new space to avoid any conflict with Google over my own stuff. The downside was that I would lose all the views that these videos had accrued over time since they were starting over in a new place and these views would also be removed from the personal channel tally. Oh well. When I saw that this happened I decided to leave a few of the burlesque clips where they were and add the additional similar clip from another day on the new channel. A crude solution but it worked out. The fashion clips went over well and below is our most viewed clip from one of these shows.

At the time of this writing, this still growing Channel has just about 109 subscribers and is closing in on 27K views. It’s a slow moving process at the onset but I hope that more and more of you sign up and enjoy the content since YouTube gauges the channels by subscribers and viewing time. Speaking frankly, I’d also love it if our viewers could click the thumbs up icon and leave a topical comment on the content since it lets me know what you are most interested in and helps guide the next batch of videos. A channel needs to reach 1000 subscribers to monetize any of the content and with a good 95.5% of the videos being completely original creations it would be wonderful to do that. If you’re already helping support this side of the fence I thank you and hope to keep you engaged. As I close this announcement up I will be working on some art exhibit clips from a recent show that we attended. See you next time.


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