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Mattel Reveals “Barbie Extra” Fashion Dolls

Hey friends, when we last brought up Mattel’s “Barbie” it was to celebrate the Elton John edition and that particular item has been flying off the shelves in record numbers. I hope that you got one if you wanted it because it seems like its a highly priced collectible at this point. Now I am returning to discuss a brand-new line for the famed fashion doll – The Extra editions. Take a look at the copy and images from Mattel resources.

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The Press Release:
Each Barbie Extra doll rocks their own unique style that’s playful and over-the-top. Barbie Extra dolls offer an exciting fashion and styling play experience with posable, articulated bodies. When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra has a “more is more” attitude- even their pets are oh-so EXTRA! The dolls embody everything fun: glitter, gummy bears, emojis, bright colors and iridescent shimmer — bringing EXTRA vibes wherever they go! Barbie Extra lets girls dial up their self-expression and fashion fantasy play by showing them anyone can be a trendsetter.

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Barbie Extra Doll #1 GVR04:
* Afro puffs and braided hair details
* Wearing a rainbow fur coat and matching athleisure red top and shorts set, with glittered boots and real socks
* Accessories include sunglasses that read “shine bright” and a cloud-shaped purse
* Pet poodle has star-shaped sunglasses, wears puppy heels, and comes with a puppy purse filled with puppy treats

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Barbie Extra Doll #2 GVR05:
* Curvy doll with 8.5 inches of long and shimmery, two-tone pink and purple fantasy hair
* Wearing an iridescent ruffle dress over a cloud print shirt, fish net tights and sneakers
* Accessories include a neon green beanie, statement necklaces and diamond-shaped bag
* Pet dog has an adorable shaggy haircut and comes with a jeweled “boss” collar

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Barbie Extra Doll #3 GRN28:
* Blonde hair rocking a crimped hairstyle (8.5 inches long) with pink streaks throughout and styled with hair pins
* Wearing a bright and fluffy pink jacket, denim jeans with star print and details along the side and winged boots
* Accessories include pearl sunglasses, necklaces, a gummy bear ring and candy bar clutch
* Her pet pig comes with a unicorn flower crown headband and removable unicorn wings

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Barbie Extra Doll #4 GRN30:
* Curvy doll with bright blue hair and top knot
* Wearing a tie-dye shirt with a sateen bomber jacket, white denim shorts and neon sneakers
* Accessories include a skateboard, smart watch, headphones and matching neon crossbody
* Pet twin kittens wear tiaras

mattel, barbie, barbie extra line

Barbie Extra Doll #5 GRN29:
* Rainbow braided hair
* Wearing a love t-shirt under a denim jacket with flame and fringe detail, jean shorts and heeled boots
* Accessories include trendy sunglasses, statement earrings and necklaces and a bag with a cell phone print
* Pet Rottweiler puppy with pink car

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Now as I’ve mentioned a few times already, I am not actually a Barbie collector myself and lean more towards superhero stuff and Transformers but wow do these brand-new additions to the Barbie family look awesome. The vibrant colors are just wonderful and I am sure they will look awesome in ones collection or add some exciting adventures to the playtime if they are gifted to someone who opens the boxes and enjoys the stuff in the way that it was meant to be. I had to say that I smiled a little wider when I saw the little pet figurines and especially the cats and the unicorn. Too cute for words and as I close this up I wonder if you fans of the World of Barbie will be looking into adding them to your collection. Chime in down below in the comments section below and I will see you next time around.

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