Organizers Postpone The 2021 New York Tattoo Convention

new york tattoo convention

The Statement:
Hey, hope you are well. The ongoing pandemic is causing huge uncertainty around international travel, especially into the USA. At this time we have indications from the New York health dept regarding the possibility of very-limited attendances at indoor events of approximately 20% – 25%. These contributing factors would severely detract from our vision of what will be a world class international tattoo convention. The integrity of the New York Tattoo Convention is a core value of the show.

With all this in consideration we feel that the only option is to postpone the New York Tattoo Convention until May 2022. At that stage, we can really bring our vision to life by being surrounded by so many amazing artists from around the world along with many of visitors.

Exact dates for May 2022 to follow.

Thank you and we are sure you will agree that this is the best option for everyone.

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Unless I am mistaken in the exact number, I think the last report for NYC was that a couple of million people had been vaccinated already but that is only a small portion of the residents of this metropolis. That being said, the news about this event being postponed doesn’t really surprise me. Historically speaking, I’ve never attended this particular convention but I have gone to the New York Empire State Tattoo Convention in the past and I was really interested in attending this one to offer up some visuals for the lifestyle website and our respective social media networks. I should point out that I don’t have a single tattoo on my person but do admire the art and the culture of them all. What do you readers think about this cancellation? Were you planning on attending? Be sure to check our regional calendar for all of the latest event listings, changes and cancellations as we are made aware of them. See you next time.


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