Organizers Sunset The NY Times Travel Show After 17 Years

new york times travel show

The Statement:
After 17 wonderful years, The The New York Times has made the decision to discontinue the Travel Show. We would like to thank MSE Management and the Javits Center for their dedicaiton and exceptional collaboration over the years, as well as our exhibitors and attendees.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: For starters I must apoligize for being a little late to the table with this news but I was not aware of the developments until very recently. That being said this news makes me sad because I really enjoyed the NY Times Travel Show and was looking forward to exploring it once again when 2022 rolled around. This event along with the BroadwayCon and the Boat Show were all January happenings that began my convention adventures for the year and prepared me for being busy by being a very hefty schedule. I hope something gets created to fill the void and that we can explore whatever that is because there were some awesome people involved and we enjoyed seeing them during our visit. Those who’ve attended the event are welcome to chime into this one with their thoughts about it ending. I wonder how many times you ended up going. I did three years of this and was at newbie status because of that and now we say farewell.


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