The Broadway League Extends Vaccination Requirement To Children Under 12

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The Press Release:
The Broadway League announced today that the owners and operators of all 41 Broadway theatres in New York City will now require vaccinations for children ages 5 -11 years old, effective December 14, 2021, in accordance with the new Key to NYC Guidelines.

Under the updated policy:

Children ages 5 – 11 may enter the theatre only when (1) accompanied by an adult who complies with the theatre’s vaccination entry requirements, and (2) has proof of at least one dose of an FDA or WHO approved vaccine.

For more detailed information visit:

Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League said, “With safety and security top of mind, we continue to stress the unrelenting desire that we have to keep our theatregoers, cast and crew safe. As of Sunday, December 5, we surpassed attendance with over two million theatregoers and completed over 2,000 performances. We believe that our focus on safety has helped us achieve this milestone. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our theatres with their family and friends during this holiday season. There’s no time better than now to celebrate the return to theatre!”

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: While some of you might be grumbling about this news, I am 100% okay with it and think that it’s great. You’ve probably noticed how some of our blog posts and many of our Official Instagram images are Broadway themed of late and that’s based on my doing some safety work out there thanks to a Covid Compliance Officer certificate. With the virus and its variants still taking a toll on the world around us I am not at all unhappy if you cannot join in on anything if you don’t have a shot or two. Sorry for soapboxing but I’d rather be able to enjoy myself like I used to before the summer of the coming year. So this news should be paid attention to if you have children and like to bring them to the theatre. If you don’t want to comply then you are going to have no other choice but siting it out until things change for the better. That’s all I have about this news from The Broadway League. Feel free to chime in if you have something to add to the topic and as I wrap up I say stay safe out there.


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