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The Piercing Ken Official YouTube Channel Surpasses 100,000 Views

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Hello my friends, I’m here to share a little bit of the coolness that’s been brewing in the Media Command HQ insofar as it applies to the Official YouTube Channel for the Piercing Ken website. It was only a short time ago that I was alerted about the Channel having surpassed 100K Views since its debut in September 2020. The launch of this Channel was very overdue as the Piercing Ken website has been online since 2010 and became a professional voice in 2016. It wasn’t until the scourge of the pandemic found so many of us stuck at home and thinking outside the box and boom here we went. Since its debut I’ve been steadily loading up content and according to the administration panel, there has been a brand-new video every other day since February of 2023. The clip that moved the counter past the 100K marck was actually a Short that I recorded only days ago at the NY NOW Trade Show. It’s embedded right below for your consumption.

While I was initially unsure of how I wanted to use this Channel for my adventures at all things Not PiercingMetal, I feel that I have a proper handle on it all now. When I started I took some of the content off of my personal Channel as it had been used for items I was covering under the Piercing Ken banner and with no Channel of its own, over there they went. The videos were reformatted and uploaded and the original one was removed from the place I had it to avoid any Google scrutiny. I’ve collected the top five of the longer form videos and most of them are from the Style X Fashion Shows I attended. I thought it would be fun to capture the final walk of the designers after the whole line had been on the runway.

Top Five Longform Videos:

This next batch is a collection of the top five of the Shorts format which has been a great boon of attention for many a YouTuber. They launched this in limited capacity in mid-2020 but it wasn’t until July of 2021 that the rest of the world was able to enjoy the benefits of it. For those in the unaware, the way these work is that you do them from a mobile device and record or stream vertically. These clips must be no longer than a minute and trust me it takes some doing when you are as chatty as I can be. The Piercing Ken Channel began doing Shorts in Sept 2022 and according to the Admin Screen there are “214” of them so far. My very first one was done in celebration of this Channel’s 2nd Anniversary. I’ve been doing a lot of these and am enjoying every single one of them. My process is to record and save on the device until I need a short clip. At the time of this writing I have about eight more that I can use and each will premiere soon enough. As you can see by the rundown of the Top Five Shorts, the gamut is a pretty wide one. There’s event arrivals, toy spotlights, art installations and even a callback to last year’s Lunar New Year. It’s pretty funny to hit such a milestone the day before this year’s celebration and maybe I will return to the area and get more footage. That being said, please enjoy our Top Five Shorts.

Top Five Shorts:

As I wrap this up you might be wondering why I’d celebrate 100,000 Views and the answer is simple. With a medium like YouTube its best to celebrate all of the milestones and since the Channel was so overdue in its creation, hitting 100K views after a very productive year is pretty cool to me. The subscriber base is growing slowly but surely and if you should find yourself enjoying any of these videos, we ask that you please give a Subscribe to the Channel. In YouTube, one needs a total of 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours viewed in the year to monetize the Channel. Every single video is our own creation and I’d love to have this network help offset some of the bills that get incurred by being a content creator. In the coming months you will see more artists being interviewed and more trade shows that we always try to include. From top to bottom the full amount of videos here to be enjoyed have surpassed “575” and I am hoping to get to “600” before the websites 14th Anniversary in May. Now in order to reach those goals we need to have you rally here and of course engage when possible to to do. I love seeing topical comments and do my best to reply back and keep the conversation going. Thanks for reading my friends. Please stay safe out there and thanks as always for your interest.


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